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MWIP: 66/104...

Hey everyone

This week was my last week was spent finishing off some deadlines and giving myself a little break before my intense revision month (for my last set of undergrad exams!) starts - here's what I got up to, I...

...tried my hand at a 'proper' set up for taking blog photos for {this} post
...jumped on the mimosa trend with some macaroons - the perfect combination
...had a pizza and dvd night with the bf (and his sister and her bf) - special mention to the bf who set this photo up for me and said expectantly "don't you want to take a picture for your blog?" - I loves him so much!
...had some pretty colourful fruit as the dessert post-Sunday roast 
...received a mother's day card from my goddaughter - how adorable?!
...found the older lesser known relative of the cake pop - a mega cake pop! 
...indulged in a margarita when I was preparing a Mexican feast for myself
...was super happy to see the first rhododendron flowering - it's definitely spring now!
...painted my nails with Barry M's 'Huckleberry' - I'm just loving these super pale pastels at the moment!
...had a awesome couple of hours working the ponies - I cannot get over how much my little boy has remembered from years ago! Plus Dolly's schooling is really coming along, I can't wait to ride again soon!
...couldn't get over how blue the sky was and how warm it was for April 1st!
...ate far too many mini eggs - they're just too yummy!

...took lots of pictures of little Prin: playing outside in the garden, protesting having finished our walk at the lakes, playing with doughnut at the field, getting comfy on her new favourite spot on the back of the sofa & having snuggles in bed with me :P

...had the most amazing time taking over the KUBE (my uni's radio station) twitter for varsity. 

Now, we all know how I'm probably the least biggest fan of organised sporting activity but we all also know how much of a twitter addict I am (seriously, I {tweet} all the time!) so this job was perfect for me! I was literally tweeting for 12 hours straight - keeping all of the keelites updated on the latest scores and goings on in all of the varsity events - it was awesome! Plus, we won varsity (for the fifth year in a row!) - obviously :P - which made the day even sweeter! #teamkeele :P

Oh and I also posted my {first vlog} :P

I hope you all had a fabulous week - as always I'd love it if you linked up via the widget & button below to share what you got up to this week!

 It'd absolutely make my day!