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Hello, April...

Hey everyone

First off - I cannot believe that it's already April! 

For me March absolutely flew by because it was dead month - the amount of assignments I had due in during last month was just crazy! 

Also, a side note, it has officially been a year since I had my first day of my laboratory placement - I cannot deal with how fast that has gone!

Now, onto what I wanted to share in this post - I think that everyone loves a good quotation - me included! 

I know that a lot of people love to incorporate a quotation into their daily lives - some people write one in their planner each week, others stick them on a bulletin board or inspiration board in their room, my mum writes one on the whiteboard in the kitchen.

My favourite place to write a quotation is on my phone as the wallpaper.

Last month I shared {this} quote about March and loved having it on my phone's lock screen so I made myself another one for the month of April.

I found this quote on {goodreads} from Shakespeare's Sonnet XCVIII and I love it - I think that it perfectly sums up the spirit of April!

What's your favourite quote for Spring?

aHm xoxo