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Easter Decor...

Hey everyone

Well, Easter is finally upon us (hello, chocolate overload) but our home has been decorate all Spring-y and Easter-y for about a good month now!

Ma and I decorated for {Halloween} last year and then it was {Christmas} and then suddenly nothing - we felt that our house looked a tad plain without any decor so we jumped at the chance to decorate again!

Anyway, I'm sharing out Easter decor with y'all today, so here goes!

The bay window sill in our dining room is our main focal point for decor - tulips at this time of year are just standard and we found this super cute Easter sign and added it to frame our focal piece...

this Easter themed cake stand choc-full (haha, did you see what I did there?!) of chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks, chocolate discs, little fluffy chicks, fluffy chicks in nests, fluffy chicks in little Easter baskets and this super adorable pair of white and dark chocolate chicks!

Phew - you could say that we went a bit Easter-crazy!

Seeing as how much we loved decorating our white tree for {Christmas} we decided to do the same for Easter...

we added these hollow eggs (they look so realistic - I love them!), some wooden bunnies and my personal favourites ...

 These little guys! 

Aren't they just the cutest?!

We also purchased a wreath for our front door (way back in February because we spotted it and loved it that much!)...

I think it's so spring-y but not overly Easter-y an potentially tacky (like our Easter cake stand - but hey, it's fun!) and just so gorgeous!

Finally, probably my most favourite decor piece of this season - some more tulips, but what's that?....

They're sat in a bowl of mini eggs - how very Easter appropriate!

Plus mini eggs are my fave chocolates ever (and it sucks that they're only available at Easter) and using them as decor means that I can eat them after (winning!)

 I love how fun they are!

So that's how we've decoration for Easter this year - I'm so happy with it - it has definitely made waiting for Spring a whole lot easier!

Do you decorate for Easter?
If so, what's your favourite decor piece that you've got?

aHm xoxo