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Top 5 Tuesday: Favourite TV Shows...

Hey everyone
Just Peachy

I'm linking up (albeit it a day late - blame my crazy third year deadlines!) with Rachel from {Just Peachy} today for Top 5 Tuesday

Today I'm gonna be sharing my top 5 TV shows - this was kinda a difficult one for me because I don't really watch TV all that much - the bf and I tend to binge watch shows instead of keeping up with them every week!

Anyway, here we go...

Sherlock - To say that I'm a massive fan of Sherlock is an understatement. Let's be honest, once you watch just one episode of this incredible show you are hooked! I love everything about this show - the characters (ohh Sherlock he's so cute! And John is so funny!), the plots (the keep me guessing all of the time!), the theme tune (it's been stuck in my head for days!). The only complaint I have re. this series is the fact that the series are just too short - 3 episodes is not enough to satisfy my Sherlock needs!

Ripper Street - I only recently discovered this show and I became obsessed with it - I binge watched the first series in like four days #sorryimnotsorry! I usually don't like anything to do with Jack the Ripper but I gave this ago (because I couldn't find anything else to watch!) and I'm so glad I did! It's set in Victorian England and it's basically a detective show - I love a good crime show :P I love the characters (it's got Mr Darcy in it! Well, the actor :P) and the stories are really interesting and well presented! Again I only have one issue with this - right (prepare yourself for a long explanation), I've had a subscription with LOVEFiLM for about a year now but recently it changed over to Amazon Prime Instant Video so now I've got a partial subscription to that so Ripper Street was the first show that I watched after the big switch over so I became obsessed with the first series and went to go watch the second, only to discover that they wanted me to pay per view per episode - so unfair! So, I'm refusing to watch it with them and probably am going to buy the DVDs instead. Phew!

Atlantis - I nearly forgot to include this one because it's in between seasons at the moment but in the winter I loved this show! It was such a fun and unique concept - it reminded me a lot of Robin Hood which I was obsessed with when that was on! It was fast paced and action packed with witty dialogue and a sprinkling of magic - a really good watch on a Saturday evening!

The Musketeers - this is a relatively new show, it's just about to be finished with its first series and I'm totally hooked on it! I love it - again it's similar to Robin Hood and Atlantis in that it's set in a historical time and is all action-y but I just love it. I look forward to watching it every Sunday night - it ends my week on a really good note!

Duck Dynasty - this show just cracks me up! I love it - it literally makes me laugh for the whole two hours (we get a double episode) that it's on! My life goal is to become a Robertson - I just love them all! Especially Jase, his humour is just perfection!

Again, like {last week} I'm giving an honourable mention to -

Gossip Girl - this show will always hold a special place in my tv show faves, it's just so darn good! I'm yet to watch the final series because I can't bring myself to admit that it's over! This is a show that I've collected the series DVDs of so binge watched them (so good! I'm doing the same with The Vampire Diaries!) and I love just dipping in and out of the series to watch an episode here and there. I think that my absolute fave (so far) are the episodes from series two set in The Hamptons - so much perfection!

I'm always on the look out for new TV show recommendations so please leave your fave shows in the comments!

aHm xoxo