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Hey everyone

So, today's post is going to be an apologetic one...

I'm sure y'all know (I mean I bang on about it enough!) that I'm in my last semester of my undergraduate degree so as is to be expected I am actually snowed under with work!

March is dead(line) month for me; so far I've done a 3000 word bioinformatics lab report, a presentation on my first dissertation and I've (finally) just finished my final draft of my 5000 word second dissertation (check out how professional it looks!!).

Of course the colour scheme for my dissertation is pink and green :P

That sounds all perfectly fine, until you say that I've got a 3000 word essay, a 1500 word essay, a presentation, a poster on my first dissertation and a 5000 essay - third year really is chock full of fun!

Anyway, the point of me telling y'all this is that I'm gonna be a tad absent for the next week or so because of my crazy work load so I'm going to apologise now for my lack of posting in the near future - but rest assured come April time I will be back to my usual posting schedule :)

Hope y'all understand but third year uni work has gotta come first!

aHm xoxo