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The Ultimate De-Stress...

Hey everyone

My final year of uni has been seriously kicking my derrière right from the very start (yep, I know I sound like a broken record, sorry y'all but it's true!) with all of my coursework deadlines, two dissertations looming over my head (that I'm very done with now, yay!) and my normal lecture/tutorial schedule I'm seriously done by the time Friday afternoon rolls around and in need of a serious pamper to calm my nerves!

My Ultimate De-Stress method is spending (at least) a couple of hours soaking in a luxurious hot bath with a candle lit, a face mask slapped on my face, sipping a cup of tea and reading a good book.

Every Friday evening (or Saturday morning - that's another fave!) sees me having a date with my tub; getting in all jittery and stressed with my mind racing at a mile a minute and emerging goddess-like (I like to think anyway!) a couple of hours later with a mind clearer than Buddha's!


My first job is to go and make myself a good cuppa - my favourite tea (no matter how unadventurous it makes me sound!) is English Breakfast and I'm always on the search for my favourite brand - my ultimate fave is the {Fortnum and Mason} one (it's life changing - take my word for it!) but I've just tried out the {Teapigs} one and I'm very impressed :)

Anyway, I'm going to cut my tea ramblings off there because they could go on for a whole post in themselves! So, exiting the kitchen with my mug in hand the next stop is my room to pick out a candle to burn. I'm a sucker for manly scents and I think that Bath and Body Works does them so well (although having them shipped to England costs me a small fortune but I just think that they're so worth it!). My most favourite at the moment is Flannel - good grief this candle smells just perfect!

Toddling off into the bathroom, I light my candle and start running the bath and make the tough decision between having a colourful Lush bath or a luxurious Aromatherapy Associates one. Ever since Christmas (and Ma splurged on this little set for us!) I've been obsessing over their {bath and shower oils} and let me tell you, they are so darn indulgent and really make my bath time feel like a spa pamper session! I tend to change which one is my favourite each time I try a new one based on my mood - my most used at the moment is the {De-Stress Mind} one (for obvious reasons!).

Once in the bath I like to slap on a face mask. In particular this {3-minute clay one} from Boots. I love the idea of a face mask but, being honest, I really hate the smell of most of them (I don't like overly floral or botanical or chemical smells!) but this one is perfectly bland and does the job (another plus point is the price!).

Finally after I've dealt with the face mask, I like to settle down and read some of my latest read. I just finished reading {Room by Emma Donoghue} and woah, just woah - it's crazy good! A review of it will be coming on Sunday in this week's Belle's Book Club 2014!

And when the boiling hot water has finally gone cold I reluctantly leave the bath feeling all like an entirely different woman than got it - like the water has drawn out and soaked up all of my stresses and worries and left me all relaxed, calm and in such a better state of mind!

So that's what I find to be the Ultimate De-Stress - how do y'all like to chill after a hectic week?
Lemme know in the comments!

aHm xoxo