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Smokin' Joe's...

Hey everyone

I'm a massive fan of American barbecue food - as y'all will remember from my ravings in {this post} when I discovered {The Perfect American Restaurant} not so long ago!

Well, a couple of weeks back a new restaurant opened in the next village over from mine (how much of a country bumpkin do I sound saying that?! Haha!) and imagine my excitement when it was revealed to be an American Smokehouse!!

Needless to say I was super excited and couldn't wait to get my mitts on the menu and try it out!

So, today (to finish off a lovely girly shopping trip with Ma as a late lunch) I'm sharing that wonderful experience with y'all...

We perused the menu for quite a while - it's not extensive (apart from the burgers and dogs section!) but everything sounds so good that we just couldn't decide!

Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession for pulled pork - I'm forever on the search for the perfect taste! So obviously I made sure that we chose the pulled pork and cheese nachos to share as a starter. 

What I was most surprised about was the fact that the nachos were handmade - I thought that was a really lovely touch that most restaurants overlook - they were certainly more tasty than the usual ones I receive when I order nachos!

Now, I'm a massive fan of the pulled pork from {Hickory's} - it's absolutely stunning! - and this one was sadly not in the same league. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it, because I really did, it's just that it's not comparable to the one from Hickory's. This one is a lot less smoke-y and barbecue-y (which I like!), plus the pork from Smokin' Joe's is shredded less and tastes a lot more meaty.

I will definitely be ordering this again next time!

Okay, now onto the main event - please prepare yourself...

I love how it's presented - no fuss and no frills - letting the food speak for itself - just how I like my burgers to come!

I have to acknowledge the fact that the fried were served in a little bucket - how cute?!

I feel like the burger deserved it's own shot - just look at that beauty!

I (after much deliberation) went for the 'Juicy Lucy' (what a name - and it totally lived up to it!) - two delicious melt-in-the-mouth beef patties that had a delightful little surprise contained inside them...

It was only a big hunk of delectable molten cheese-y goodness!

Now, that's the kind of surprise I like!

Sadly (and unsurprisingly!) after all of that I couldn't fit in even so much as a morsel of dessert - which is a shame because I had my eye on trying their Mississippi Mud Pie. 

Alas, I suppose that means I shall just have to go back for another visit to try it! Along with some more of their pulled pork and possibly a chilli dog....my mouth is watering already!

So there we have it, my own little slice of American Smokehouse Barbecue food right on my door step! How lucky am I?!

aHm xoxo