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Nail Care 101...

Hey everyone

When I was younger I used to have the terrible (and disgusting!) habit of biting my nails (bleh!) but a couple of years back I finally kicked it and since then I've had to work pretty hard at keeping my nails in good condition and looking nice (otherwise I know that I'll just revert to picking at them and make them horrible again!)

So today I'm sharing my 'nail routine', if you will, that I use every time that I paint my nails (so a couple of times a week) that keeps my nails is a condition that means I wont end up destroying them absent-mindedly! 

side note: I tried a new set up with this photo today - I used my tripod and set up a background and some lights - I'd love to know what you guys think of it so pretty please leave me a comment to let me know!

Antibacterial Hand Gel - I only recently became obsessed with these - I plonked this bath and body works one on my desk after Christmas when it came free with a candle that I bought and I've ended up reaching for it all of the time! I can't do anything with my nails until my hands feel clean - it just feels counter-productive to me!

Nail File - my first job when I start tackling my nails is to file them - any hangnails or uneven patches are just prime targets for me to start picking at my nails so they need to be sorted ASAP!

Nail Cream - this {NuNale} one is my absolute favourite nail cream - I think that it really softens my cuticles before I deal with them but also manages to strengthen my nails at the same time! Plus it smells really nice - very clean and not overly scented with fruit/floral (I'm not a big fan of anything with those scents)

Cuticle Remover - using a cuticle remover before I push back my cuticles just makes that whole traumatic step a whole lot less painful! Mine is the {Sally Hansen} one purely because it was the only one I could find in boots when I was looking to pick on up but it works great :)

Cuticle Stick - a pretty self-explanatory tool to deal with raggedy cuticles - as annoying as this step is it does make your nails look considerably longer so that's always good!

Nail Magic - now, if you only take notice of one product in this whole post (it's okay, I won't judge you :P) it should be {this} one. Trust me. This stuff is actually incredible. I have no idea how it works but you just paint a layer of this on as often as you can (you just layer it up) and it makes your nails so much stronger and grow much faster. It's awesome! The only down side I have to this is that when you first start using it it really stings your nails (I had a mild burning sensation), I presume because your nails are likely to be pretty weak and porous. I found that it stopped pretty quickly and the results are so great that I can deal with a bit of stinging!

Hand Cream - I like to finish off with a hand cream to make myself feel fully pampered. I'm using this {Creighton's} one currently and have no complaints - I like how quickly this one sinks in. I also like the classic {Soap and Glory} one - the smell of that one is simply divine! If my hands are feeling super dry (particularly if I've been in the lab for long periods of time and have had to wash my hands multiple times) I swear by this {lush} one - it takes a while to sink in and doesn't have the nicest smell in the world but it leaves my hands a million times more moisturised after!

So, that's how I take care of my nails - this routine is one of my favourite study break activities! 

How do y'all take care of your nails - what are the products that you swear by? Lemme know in the comments, please!

P.S. I'm trying to improve the quality of the photos on my blog so had a whole tripod/background/lights set up for this one - I'd love some feedback on it please!

aHm xoxo