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Hey everyone

This week was my last week of (my last undergrad) dead(line) month so it was insanely busy but here's what I got up to (aside from tons of studying!)...

...used Rosie's {The Londoner} blog as a way to de-stress at the end of every day - she literally lives my dream life *le sigh*!
...found some macaroons in the freezer section of our local supermarket so picked them up to try them - I fully expected them to be pretty tasteless but they were actually really good! Of course they were a patch on my fave Laduree ones but for being from a supermarket freezer I was very impressed!
...fell in love with the packaging of the latest Joules catalogue - I love the combination of the navy and coral!
...decided to stop neglecting my iPad and pick it up more often - so I dabbled into reading magazines on it - it's my new favourite way to spend a few minutes! I never read an actual paper-copy magazine all of the way through because I hate how dog-eared the pages get as soon as you open it - this doesn't happen with the iPad, it's perfect!
...found some more super cute pjs on sale - y'all know how much of a sucker I am for pjs, especially matching sets!
...gave myself the afternoon off after a particularly stressful deadline in the form of catching up on my blogreads and enjoying a cuppa!
...finally developed an appreciated for animal print/tortoise shell - it has taken me long enough, right?! That trend has been around for ages!
...bought myself this super cute glass bottle - hopefully it will encourage me to drink more water!
...had my usual Stabs #obvs :P
...took an #ootd before going out shopping with Ma - I loved this outfit :)
...spent a morning in bed catching up on blogreads (again - this week has been so hectic that I've felt like I've been playing catch up with everything!) with a pastry and some tea - my favourites :)
...found my {new favourite local restaurant} that served incredibly stunning burgers!
...finally got around to trying out the new Barry M gelly in Huckleberry - I love a good mint polish and this one is a beaut!
...felt very spring appropriate in this outfit - with my bright jumper and wellibobs :)
...finally built up my Disney Pixar collection to all films currently released bar one - I'm nearly there!
...was very saddened to find the weather decidedly less spring-y than it was {last week} :(

I hope you all had a fabulous week - as always I'd love it if you linked up via the widget & button below to share what you got up to this week!

 It'd absolutely make my day!