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Study Outfits...

Hey everyone

Seeing as there is, in coursework terms, only my dissertation, a lab report, a 3000 word essay, a 5000 essay, a poster and a presentation between me and graduating with my Bachelors I seem to be spending all of my time studying at the moment - I wish I was joking.

With that in mind, I confess that my outfit choices have been very predictable, when I'm studying I have to be comfy (otherwise I just get distracted!).

My absolute go to outfit for studying is: leggings (yep, in this instance I declare that they are pants #sorryimnotsorry), ugg slippers (they just about pass as shoes but they feel like slippers - I love them!) & some form of comfy top.

My favourite tops to wear are: a JW hoodie (the comfiest hoodies ever!), my regatta 1/4 zip jumper (my substitute for the VV Shep Shirt - I so wish I could find one in England!), my wildfox sweater (I don't have this one but it's just too cute!) or a spirit jersey (I'm obsessed with spirit jersey's and I swear that as soon as my {month of no spending} is over I will be ordering myself one!)

What is your go to outfit for studying?
Do you have to dress comfy or do you like dressing up to keep yourself motivated?

aHm xoxo