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My Horse History...

Hey everyone

On my blog feed the other week I came across {this} post from Aftab (his is one of my fave blogs by the way - you should totally go check {his blog} out!) about his horse story and I, being the horse lover that I am, thought it was a great idea for a post!

So, here we go - my horse story...

I've always been around horses, horses have been in my family for years - way before I was born. 

My grandad grew up with horses, he used to have a herd of Shetland ponies (my favourite story is when he brought his favourite Shetland stallion called Half Pint into his and Nam's house during a party!) and he used to be the driver of his horse and carriage for weddings! 

My mum obviously grew up with horses then, she had ponies all of her life, my dad even bought her a horse for their first wedding anniversary present! 

My own horse story starts with this little guy - this is Lucky Boy. I can't for the life of me remember what breed he is but what I do remember is that he was a complete monster - he was such a tearaway!

I received Lucky for my first birthday - yep that is mini me in a wicker basket saddle on my first birthday - I love this picture!

I can't remember ever riding Lucky, instead my Grandad used to drive him in a trap (carriage) and we'd go out on drives, take a picnic and spend some time together - they're some of my favourite childhood memories.

Unfortunately we had to sell little Lucky on because we didn't have the time to spend on him and he got a bit too headstrong. I like to think that he had a happy life at his second home.

Next up in my horse story came my little man - this is Cannon. He's a gorgeous little chestnut welsh mountain pony who I received for my second birthday. 

He's my baby - I learnt to ride with him and all the way through my childhood we were inseparable. I spent countless hours every day down at the yard with him. He not only taught me to ride, he taught my best friend Lj to ride too - he's an absolute babe of a pony,, he's so quiet and he'd do anything for me!

Throughout my childhood me and two of my friends spent every waking moment of the summer holidays down at the field with this munchkin - we jumped, played pony games but my most favourite moments with him is when we used to gallop all around our field - he may be small but he's a little firecracker when he wants to be - he's so fast! 

Next to join our family was this lovely filly - this is Dolly (affectionately known as Dolly Mixtures). She's a bay traditional fell pony and this was the state that she came in when we first brought her down off the fells - at this point she was still wild.

There's a lovely (if I do say so myself) story behind how we got Dolly - my Grandad holidays up in Cumbria on the fells every year and he saw this little filly just as she was first born and liked the look of her mother. The next year he went back and liked the look of the filly still - it was around the time that the were bringing the yearlings off the fells to be sold so Grandad bought little Dolly and she became ours.

She was really wild when she came to us - she had such spirit and life but she was such a sweetheart to break in. 

This is her just a couple of years on from when we first got her - didn't she change so quickly!
The big guy in the background is my mum's old horse, Sammy - he was a grumpy old devil!

As I got into my teens I outgrew my little Canon and Dolly became my main riding pony.
She's got an amazing jump on her and she's never happier than flying round our course of jumps :)
She's a typical mare in the sense that she's got a head on her and if she doesn't want to do something then it's hard to persuade her to do it - her latest game of this is when she pretends to be limping whenever I try to lead her anywhere but when I let her loose she goes galloping off across the field so there's nothing wrong with her!

Cannon, in contrast is content to follow me around anywhere without the need for a lead rope or anything! 
He's my little trick pony - he follows me round like a puppy, he can undo any rope that he is tied up to, he can play tug-o-war with me and he can drink from a cup (I spent many hours in my tweens teaching him how to do these last two!)

He's my best little boy!

And this one is my best little girl!

Fast forward a bit and these two little monkeys became as thick as thieves - it got to the point where I couldn't take Dolly out for a hack without walking Cannon along side me because he didn't like being left alone in the field!

Fast forward to now and my old man has been put out to grass (aka he doesn't get ridden but I do lunge him for his workout - well he is 21 after all!) and, with Grandad's guidance, I am teaching Dolly how to be driven in a carriage - she's learning so quickly bless her!

As you've probably guessed, I love my babies to the moon and back and I honestly cannot imagine my life without them!

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this post - it was so nice to share my horse history with y'all!

aHm xoxo