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MWIP: 58/104...

Hey everyone

This week was my first week of my last semester of my undergraduate degree - wait, what?! - and if it's anything to go by, this semester is going to be jam packed!

Anyway, here's what I got up to this week, I...

...took some photos of Little Prin (of course!), when she was relaxing in front of the fire, resting her head on my knee, lying on the back of my chair and sitting on her own chair with a chewy!

...decided that the only way to get through a Friday lecture when it was throwing it down with freezing cold rain was with Starbucks and my first outing of my Joules wellibobs :)

...brought out the hay racks for my ponies and they loved it! 
side note: please excuse the black on my ponies head/face (I think it's ash from a bad fire that was a few miles away that had settled on the field), I've no idea how he manages to get so mucky!

...decided to become a to-do list person this week - I wrote myself a weekend to-do list and I managed to fill up and complete a page of my ongoing to-do list :)

...bought myself a new ring - I've been wanting a wishbone ring for a while and I love how sparkly this one is :) 

...spent a couple of hours in the library at uni filling in a job application - this makes the fact that I'm graduating in just a few months feel very real!

...wore my tried and trusted outfit of jeans, a plaid shirt, a statement necklace and a jumper - it looks put together but is so easy to throw on!

...snuggled up in my plaid scarf, cream fisherman sweater and my navy Barbour to try and beat the chilly fog at uni!

...thought that the sky looked really beautiful one evening - all snowy and tinged with pink :)

...enjoyed some snuggles with the bf - we ended up spending most of Saturday in bed watching Tom & Jerry - we love that show!

...had Haribo hearts to motivate me to write up my clinical pathology notes right after the lectures!

...ended Saturday evening with a pile of cheese on toast with a slightly tipsy bf (love you bf) after we went to a pub to watch some rugby (not an entirely pleasant experience - a 'fan' made me cry because he told me I was rude because I wasn't watching the rugby and was on Pinterest instead!)

And finally, I didn't document this with a picture (because I'm a bad blogger!) but I met up with a fellow Keele-ite and blogger Dinah - we had a lovely chat over 'coffee'! It was super nice to meet up with a fellow blogger for the first time and I can't wait to do it again soon! 

Pssst..check out Dinah's blog {here}!

I hope you all had a fabulous week - let me know what you got up to in the comments or if you fancy writing your own MWIP post then here's the button and pretty please link up using the widget below so that I can go check your post out!

 It'd absolutely make my day!