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Library Essentials...

Hey everyone

Being in my last taught semester of my third (and final!) year of university and my dissertation (number 2 of 2!) deadline is looming, I seem to spending most of my time in the library - lucky me!

Because of this, I'm pretty sure that I've got my library essentials down to a science, so I thought I'd share them with y'all.

Starbucks - nothing gets me pepped up at the start of the day like a venti mocha frap (with two shots of vanilla!)
Diet Coke - perfect for that mid-afternoon pick me up (it works well for a mid-morning one too, if my Starbs has worn off super quickly!)
iPhone Charger Case - because my iPhone is guaranteed to die late afternoon!
White Noise App - absolutely perfect for blocking out noisy fellow studiers without distracting you with lyrics - my favourite is the 'Light Rain on Deck' noise :)
Headphones - an obvious necessity
Snacks - 5 hour plus stints in the library absolutely require snacks - I find gold-bears and goldfish to be the perfect snacking items!
Slippers - slightly controversial, I know, but hear me out - if you're going to be staying in the same chair for multiple hours you're going to want to be comfortable (I find that I study a whole lot better if uncomfortable clothes/shoes don't distract me!)
Hair Clip - my hair gets on my nerves if it's not clipped up when I'm trying to concentrate

So there are the basics, there are some other additional items that will make your stint in the library just a tad more bearable include...

Sense of Humour - to deal with the inevitable people who are just so annoying!
Good Wifi - studying (and social media breaks) absolutely requires good wifi
Access to Twitter - to tweet the hilarious things that you witness (#guilty)

I hope that you may have found this somewhat useful!
What are your essentials for studying in the library!

aHm xoxo