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Jack Wills Spring Collection...

Hey everyone

Now, avid readers of my blog (or instagram/twitter followers! Both are @belsmay13 by the way if you fancy giving me a follow on either or both platforms!) will know that I'm a big (read: massive!) Jack Wills fan!

Every Christmas my main presents come from the pink and navy heaven so a vast majority of my winter wardrobe is from JW but I don't really have much for my spring/summer wardrobe - I would love to change that this year, especially since seeing their newest collection after being inspired to do so by the lovely Rebecca from {English Prepster} - it's perfectly preppy, full of anchors, polka dots and stripes - stunning!

Because I love basically everything in the whole collection, I thought that I'd share my absolute favourites that have made it onto my wishlist!


This bag - I'm a sucker for a good back and this one would be absolutely perfect for spring break or a summer holiday - it's the epitome of nautical gorgeousness!

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I'm dreaming of warmer weather (the freezing winter of crazy wind weather has just begun to hit the UK - I'm anticipating the arrival of the tail end of the polar vortex soon!) so these swim suits are definitely fuelling my desire for a break away somewhere deliciously hot!

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Sweaters are a whole lot more appropriate for the weather we're having at the moment and these are all just so cute! I especially love the giant anchor one - I feel like this will be featuring heavily on the wishlists of preps everywhere!

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If you ask me, you can't beat a good striped shirt - am I right?! The classic navy and white is a great staple for any wardrobe, the light blue with navy and white is so summery but the navy and white with that pop of pink is where my heart lies - I'm literally swooning over this shirt - I need it in my life!

Are you obsessing over this latest Jack Wills collection like I am?
What's your favourite piece in the collection?

aHm xoxo