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DIY: The Man Bouquet...

Hey everyone

This year for Valentines Day I wanted to DIY something for the bf (if you know me then this was a big undertaking for me - I'm not exactly creatively gifted!

So, of course, upon deciding this I took to Pinterest (the crafting idea goldmine).

I quickly discovered 'the man bouquet' and thought that it was something that I could actually make.

To be honest, I'm writing this post mainly to document the fact that I've actually DIYed a gift that turned out pretty well! 

But, I'm also hoping that this post might be useful if you want to DIY a gift for the man in your life - what I like about this gift is that it's great for any man in your life; dad, brother, bf, uncle; and they can be personalised to their taste!

Rightio, on to the DIY - obviously this post is going to be pretty picture heavy!...

My first job to get this DIY done was to toddle off to the shops to go buy all of the things I wanted to put in my bouquet - here's my shopping list:

  • a pack of their favourite soda (I went for this as a base for my bouquet instead of a pot/box)
  • fun treats (I went for loads of the bf's favourite chocolate (dairy milk, mini toblerone, lindt, lindor, kinder eggs, yorkie bars), some chewing gum, a valentine's DVD (I went for the valentine's Madagascar film because we're a sucker for a cut animation!))
  • mini trophys (I decided that it would be fun to make the bf some cute/punny awards!)
  • valentines decorations (I went with some chocolate lips and hearts)
  • barbecue skewers (to attach all of the treats to and create the height in the bouquet)
  • fun decorations (I went with gift ribbons and some silver shredded packing paper)
  • cellophane
  • sellotape
  • washi tape
  • sharpie
  • blue tack
  • scissors 
So then all you have to do is assemble your bouquet!
I'm not going to lie, I had absolutely no idea where to start (I'm sure that the more crafty of you are despairing at me!) so I enlisted the help of my far more creative Nam.

I showed Nam the pinterest pictures and let her work her magic - here's what we did...

We started off by sticking the skewers into the pack of soda to start building the height of the bouquet right from the beginning...

I decided what I wanted to write on the trophies (I went for some puns like "love darts and kisses" because the bf plays darts and some awards like "best cuddler award") and used some washi tape and a sharpie marker to write them on the trophies...

We stuck the trophies on the top of the pack of soda (using blue tack) and they fit perfectly! 

We then went about covering the sides of the pack of soda with the chocolate bars. We just stood them up around the sides and secured them with sellotape...

We decided that a good use of the valentines chocolates was to disguise the sides of the cans - we stuck them with blue tack (this was a bit of a faff because they kept falling off but we couldn't think of a different way to get them to stick - looking back we could have used a glue gun!)...

How to incorporate the lindor balls cause us the most problems - there was no way to attach them to the sides of the pack of soda and we didn't want to skewer them! 

We had a brainwave and decided to stick them in the mini trophies and they fit perfectly - I love how they looked! 

With the left over valentines hearts we stuck them onto the ends of the skewers - we didn't mind skewering these ones too much because they added the perfect amount of height to the bouquet!

We added one of the gift wrapping ribbons in the space between the trophies to cover the top of the pack of soda!

We realised that the wrapping of this man bouquet was going to make it or break it.

With that in mind we decided to put the DVD underneath the pack of soda (anywhere else and it would have created too much of a flat edge to the bouquet and we wanted it to remain circular like a flower bouquet), surrounded the bouquet with shredded packing paper

Finally after scrunching the cellophane round and securing it with a ribbon at the base we stuck in the heart shaped balloon (girly I know, but very holiday appropriate!) and stuck two more of the gift wrapping ribbon around the stem - to be honest we had them left over and didn't know what to do with them! We also stuck some heart stickers onto the cellophane just to make it even more Valentines-y!

So this is the finished product! 

I am so incredibly impressed with how it turned out!

This is how I set it up on my desk, so it was the first thing that the bf saw when he went into my room.

He was so shocked when he saw it - I think that it looks pretty spectacular! - and was really happy with all of the thought, time and effort I put into making his gift this year.

I absolutely loved doing this craft and honestly it was so easy, quick and fun! It wasn't the cheapest DIY in the world (the whole thing cost me around £25 which wasn't extortionate either) but I think it was well worth it!

I think that what I enjoyed the most was how we just sort of assembled it according to what we had, we didn't follow a specific step by step guide - I think that just adds to the individuality of your own man bouquet!

I hope you found this post useful - let me know in the comments if you make your man a man bouquet!

aHm xoxo