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What's In My Uni Bag? - Final Semester...

Hey everyone

Today I officially start my final semester (well I have another semester after this but it's only an exam semester so it doesn't really count!) of my undergraduate degree - how scary is that?!

It really doesn't seem that long ago that I posted about {what was in my uni bag} for my first semester of second year after spending the first year figuring out what I needed to study with!

So in honour of this being the last first day of the semester I thought I'd collate everything thing I have learnt about what to take in your bag to university and share my fail-safe necessities with y'all.

Here we go...

This is everything that I take with me to uni on an everyday basis - it may seem like a lot but I like to be prepared for any occasion, plus when I commute to uni I like to stay and study in the library for a bit during the day, so I don't just go in for my lectures/labs/tutorials :)

I use my large navy Longchamp Le Pliage for all of my uni bits and pieces and have done throughout my degree - I received it as a present from my Grandad the summer before I started uni and it has held up marvellously - yes there are a few scuffs on the corners but that's because I stuff it full (which is another great thing about it - you can fit loads in there!) :P 

I would highly recommend using a Longchamp as your bag for college/university/school - they're awesome!

First off, like {what I carry in my handbag}I like to be prepared for all weathers. 
I have gloves and earmuffs for when it's cold, an umbrella for when it rains and I usually have some sunglasses in my car for when it's bright.

Next up is tissues (because from my experience if you don't have any you will need one :P) and my bag of beauty picks that I like to have with me - this the same bag that I use in my handbag so I just switch it out between the two bags depending on which one I'm using.

If you want to see what's in there than check out my {what's in my bag} post :)

Probably the most important things in my uni bag that I can't leave home without are my earphones (I just keep some cheap ones in my bag at all times and save my nice JW ones to use at home) and my new favourite techy purchase - my back up iPhone charging case - I bought this from ebay for under a tenner and it does the job perfectly for what I need :)

I'm strictly a binder per subject/module girl (and always have been) but I don't like carting two binders to uni with me everyday so I leave them at home and just take the lectures or notes or case for that day with me in this handy dandy thin binder - it does the job, and the monograms make it so much cuter :)

Something that I decided to start carrying to uni this year is this project book - I have to do two final year research projects (the dissertation equivalent for my course) this year so I wanted a project book to keep myself organised and on track with each one. 

Now that one of them is all done and dusted (yay! One down and only one to go!) I decided to re purpose my project book for this semester. I still have everything to do with my remaining project in one of the sections but I've used two of the others for my Case Studies module (I like to write rough notes on the discussions we have of the case and then add them to my proper notes later) and for my Biology of Disease module which is basically another project just without any practical work.
(so I'm essentially doing three dissertations - lucky me!)

Next up is pencil pouches - I keep three in my bag.
A slight overkill, yes but necessary to stay organised, definitely!

In the smallest pouch (side note: can we acknowledge how cute the pheasant pattern is please?!) I keep all of the utensils that I like to use to take notes in lectures - highlighters, pens (always blue - fun fact: you are more likely to remember something if it's written in blue ink!) and mechanical pencils.

In the next pouch I keep flashcards, to write out my lectures on to revise them, and a couple of fold back clips to hold each lectures worth of flashcards together :)

In the last pencil pouch I keep all of my colourful pens, markers and biros that I use to make my revision cards :)

Lastly I'm am going to be carrying around my organiser that I received for Christmas - I'm excited to see how it will (hopefully!) improve my organisation and time management (I'll keep you posted on how it goes!)

And that's how all of that manages to be fitted into my Longchamp - even after all that there's still loads of room! 

I tend to take my laptop with me to uni too, but I carry that in a separate laptop bag that offers more protection than my Longchamp :)

Which is a good thing because writing this post has made me realise that there are some things that I definitely should keep in my bag but apparently don't! 
Like, a water bottle, a snack, my wallet, my phone (in my defence I was using that to take these pictures!) and my keys!

What are your must haves in you school/college/university bag? 
Let me know in the comments :)

aHm xoxo