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What's In My Bag?...

Hey everyone

For this past Christmas I was completely surprised to receive the wonderful Jack Wills Tilbury bag - it's the perfect every day bag!

So in the spirit of me getting a new bag, I thought I'd share what I keep in my bag! 
- I love these types of posts, maybe that makes me really nosey but heyho, never mind!

Here's the Tilbury in all it's glory -  it's a classic bucket style bag with a magnetic fastening and both a long and short handle, plus I must note that the leather of this bag is seriously butter-soft already (plus it smells divine!

I love how classic the cognac leather is and how understated the JW plate is on the front :)

Here's a sneaky peak inside (can we just note how cute the lining is in the classic JW pink and navy stripes - it serves an additional purpose of making the inside quite light so I don't lose anything!), as you can see, I don't like to keep my bag too full - mainly because I inevitably have to stuff some extra things in it when I go shopping!

I apparently carry a lot of things in regards to being prepared in all weathers - I've got a brolly (a necessity when you live in England, if you aren't carrying one then it will undoubtedly pour down!), some touch screen gloves (because there is nothing more annoying that having to keep taking your gloves off to type on your phone!), some earmuffs (I love how tiny these fold up but when you put them on they do wonders for keeping you warm!), a hand warmer (because my hands are always cold) and some tissues (for two reasons, because as soon as the seasons change I get a cold without fail and because I go through periods of having really frequent nose bleeds - not fun).

I always carry my organiser with me (I received it for Christmas from my bestie and I find that it keeps me so much more organised that using my iPhone!), my wallet (obviously) and a catch-all/necessities pouch.

In my catch-all pouch, I keep any & all things I might need to have to hand in a pinch, like: mini body spray, dry shampoo, deodorant, mini perfume, powder (I only use the Chanel one because it's in this nice handy compact), spare contact lenses, hand cream, lip balm, hand sanitiser and handy wipes (you just never know!)

Writing this post has made me realise that there are some things that I should definitely keep in my bag but obviously don't - I'm talking about - 
  • some earphones
  • some mints/gum
  • a couple of plasters
  • a bottle of water
  • a mirror
  • my phone (well this is usually in my bag but I was using it to take the photos :P)
  • a nail file (I hate it when my nail breaks and I'm out and about without a file!)

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

What do you carry in your bags?
 Is there something you have to carry with you at all times?

aHm xoxo