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Out For Tea...

 Hey everyone

*side note: this post was meant to go up yesterday but I had my last autumn semester exam of my Bachelor's degree today so I was crazy busy revising for that!*

I have to say that brunch is my absolute most favourite meal.

I love how during a brunch date you can spend a lovely couple of hours taking your time, enjoying your company and savouring every bite of your food compared to the piece of toast I usually grab on a weekday morning!

Anyway, I recently found the cutest tea shop in a town not so far away from where I live, so obviously I had to go pay it a visit!

So today I thought I'd share my experience of said tea shop with y'all. First off, Ginger & Pickles - how cute is that name?!

Plus how cute is the wallpaper?! It's just so perfect!

Please excuse the unsightly shadow on the photo above but the lights in the tea shop were incredibly bright!

Anyway, the menu itself was a lot more extensive that I had anticipated - I ended up playing it safe both in terms of the tea and the meal I chose so I definitely want to go back and be a bit more adventurous! :)

Ma & I both had loose leaf tea - aren't the teapots so cute?! 

I went with my favourite English Breakfast, seeing as it was my first time experiencing loose leaf tea and I wasn't sure how it would affect the flavour, and Ma went for Darjeeling :)

So there I was all set up with my pink tea pot and cute strainer ready to try loose leaf tea (I've been hearing for ages that loose leaf tea tastes so much better than tea bag but never was brave enough to take the plunge and try it!

I had to take a peak at what the loose tea looked like in the pot - I will say that I did get a tad apprehensive at this point, it looked just a bit intimidating!

But nevertheless I gave it a go and started pouring

And to my surprise it made the most perfect cup of tea - it was so delicious!

Here's an action shot of me pouring my first loose leaf tea - I confess that I felt like such a blogger when I took these shots!

As for food, I ended up going for a bagel with fried egg and bacon - to be honest I wished that I had gotten scrambled eggs because Ma's looked absolutely delicious (see below!) - serious #foodenvy! The food was very yummy but then again even I can make a bacon and egg bagel so you can't really expect much from it!

I think that I was more preoccupied with deciding on what tea I was going to have than my food!

Ma had a scrambled egg and smoked salmon bagel and assures me that it was yummy. I mean just look at those perfectly fluffy eggs - these will definitely be mine next time!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of loose leaf tea thanks to Ginger and Pickles and I can't wait to go back there to get another fix of it! Plus it makes for a pretty cute brunch spot too - I'm definitely going to have to take the bf there!

Are you braver than me and a big fan of loose leaf tea or are you a bit of a chicken when it comes to it, like me? :P
Are you a brunch-er? Where's your favourite place to brunch at?

aHm xoxo