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My iPhoneography Obsesion...

Hey everyone


Ever since the I got my iPod Touch I became obsessed with using it for photography - when I got my iPhone last summer, the obsession didn't stop.

Now, I know that actual photographers who use 'proper' massively technical cameras will probably read that and scoff at me even thinking about using and iPhone and photography in the same sentence. 

But, I don't really care. I love the process of taking pictures on my phone and then editing them and coming away with a shot that I'm really proud of. 

To be honest as much as I love photography I can't see myself investing in a 'proper' camera any time soon. 

The reason for that is three-fold.

Mainly it's the cost - I'm a student in my last year at university about to start the terrifying post-graduate job hunt so the thought of spending around £100 on a camera is just astronomical in my world at the moment. 

Secondly, 'proper' cameras frankly terrify me - all of the switches and settings and buttons just confuse me entirely and I can't see myself ever getting used to them all and using the camera to its full potential.

Finally, I enjoy the ease of use my iPhone to take photographs, I can whip it out snap a few shots and be on my way, it fits in my pocket or bag easily and I don't feel like I'm carrying around an incredibly precious box that I'd be scared to even take outside for fear of damaging it (not that I'm not protective over my iPhone - believe me I am - but at least with that I can protect with screen protectors/cases!) plus I love the quality of the pictures that my iPhone produces - why would I bother getting a camera when my iPhone does the job perfectly well?!

In the spirit of my long-standing obsession with iPhoneography and the fact that I am willing to now admit to this and call myself (with pride) an iPhoneographer, I thought I'd share some of my favourite shots that I took last week when I was at the lakes where I keep my horses - I hope you enjoy seeing them :)

I'm still learning how to use my iPhone better, what makes a good shot, how to get better lighting, etc., etc. but I love these pictures and I'm proud of them. But, I'd still really appreciate and love your feedback on them, so let me know in the comments what you think!

aHm xoxo