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MWIP: 56/104...

Hey everyone


Well, despite this week being one of the busy of my entire year (it was exam week) I still managed to take an absolute boat-load of pictures! So, apologies for the ridiculously image-heavy-ness that is this post!

Here's what I got up to, I...

...spent my revision break seeing to my horses and taking some shots of the lakes, it's just so pretty down there!

...learnt about the most ridiculous concept ever - the whole of this module was a complete joke and it's safe to say that that exam went horrendously!

...had a delicious peppermint hot chocolate to keep my spirits up whilst revising

...saw about four pheasants at the field and managed to snap a photograph of one!

...started reading {this} book 

...went to an actual live football match (I've not done that in years, me and organised sports never end well :P), all clad out in JW obviously :P

...was helped with my revising by my little revision buddy :)

...got all bundled up in my newest JW scarf to battle through the chilliness in the air at the moment

...got sick of eating badly so decided to buy some juices - by the time your reading this I will have tried my first one, so I'll let y'all know how it goes!

...had lots of cups of tea

...took this (pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!) shot of the sun on the lake 

...had some quality cuddle time with the ponies

...aren't they just the cutest?!

...decided to make my Saturday morning pamper bath a habit - this week my cup of tea was accompanied by revision notes - joy! - and I finished off my Revive Morning bath oil from Aromatheraphy Associates which saddened me :( 

...lost Little Prin until I spotted her casually perched on the back of the chaise lounge!

...realised that a hot water bottle and a sleep mask make for the best nights sleep

...did lots and lots of revision - fyi this is for just one of my modules, luckily I only had two exams for my two taught modules last semester. I'm not looking forward to doing five next semester!

...got very excited over how beautiful the moon looked on Thursday but couldn't manage to do it justice with a photograph, no matter how hard I tried!

...was featured on the Jack Wills {instagram} and in their {facebook album} as part of their #weekendwithjack competition - I was so surprised and excited!

...felt pretty much like how Little Prin looks here by the morning of my last exam!

...spent last night relaxing in the bath supporting my equilibrium with Aromatherapy Associates bath oil - I am now officially obsessed with the AA bath oils!

I hope you all had a fabulous week - let me know what you got up to in the comments or if you fancy writing your own MWIP post then here's the button and pretty please link up using the widget below so that I can go check your post out!

 It'd absolutely make my day!