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MWIP: 55/104...

Hey everyone

Here's what I got up to this week, I...

...got overly excited at the Domino's app - watching my pizza go through each of these stages on its way to me was very entertaining!

...fell in love with these chocolate pizza twists from Domino's - they're just so delicious!

...spent some quality time with my ponies - they're just so cute when they share - it doesn't happen often :P

...received my order of the 'Boathouse Row' candle from Bath & Bodyworks - I've been trying to track down this candle for absolutely ages and I'm so glad that when I finally got it I absolutely love the scent of it!

...realised that I'm establishing quite the collection of B&BW candles - all quite musky manly scents, I think I've established what type of scent is my favourite, haha!

...spied a Little Prin hiding under the blanket whilst the bf and I watched a movie!

...thought that my pony resting her head on a fence post was hilarious!

...decided to start my weekend off by having a relaxing bath on Saturday with this Aromatherapy Associates 'Revive Morning' - it was a really lovely way to spend a Saturday morning

...obviously couldn't have a relaxing morning bath without a cup of tea and a good book!

...caught Little Prin having cuddles with the bf - so cute!

...made myself some snacks to get me through spending this week revising - gotta love goldfish!

...took my new Ray-Ban's on their first outing when it was nice and sunny on Sunday - albeit it was rather chilly so obviously my new JW scarf had to have an outing too!

...got this piece of hay stuck in my eye for about eight hours - it was not pleasant but that's the price you have to pay when you have horses!

...received my order from {nail polish direct} (oh hello discounted nail polish!) and immediately gave myself a manicure with Essie's 'First Timer' - it's the most beautiful Kelly green colour ever!

I hope you all had a fabulous week - let me know what you got up to in the comments or if you fancy writing your own MWIP post then here's the button and pretty please link up using the widget below so that I can go check your post out!

 It'd absolutely make my day!