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How I Style My Barbour...

Hey everyone

So a little while back I got a blog post idea/request from Rebecca (she blogs over at {life with rMe} and it's definitely one of my most favourite blogs to read - you should all go check it out!) on one of {my instagram} (my username is @belsmay13 if you fancy going to check it out/follow me!) pictures,  {this one} in fact!, for a post on how I like to style my Barbour jacket!
Now, y'all know how much I love my Barbour jackets - I got my first Beadnell in Olive (the classic green waxed jacket) for Christmas in 2012 and I can honestly say that it became one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe! I wore it solidly throughout the the rest of 2012 and the whole of 2013 - I'm talking all the way through winter, spring, autumn and the start of this winter it was hardly off my back!

I find that a Barbour jacket (the Beadnell in particular) is such a versatile jacket - it gives a really classic-country-preppy look to any outfit - plus it is incredibly functional; this baby is perfect in all weathers, a brisk wind, flurries of snow, a little chill, pouring rain - this will seriously keep you dry and as warm as toast! :P

Anyway, onto the outfits....

The Rainy Day outfit - it's functional but still definitely presentable - when it rains I'm guilty of wanting to stay in bed and if I'm absolutely forced to get out of bed I will want to cozy up in sweats and hoodies #notafan but this outfit is socially acceptable but still very comfy :P

The Super Simple outfit -  inspired by {this} post from the wonderful Carly from {College Prepster} - this outfit is the one that I sling on when I'm running really late or if I'm completely lacking in the ability to pull a decent outfit together. This means that I basically end up wearing this outfit once or twice a week #guilty :P I love how relaxed and simple this outfit is but it still looks clean and fresh :)

The Snow Day outfit - when it comes to snow (even the little bit of snow that we get in this part of England that I'm sure all of your North USA-ers think is ridiculously measly :P) I cannot be dealing with being cold so I end up wearing a super simple warm less than cute outfit but that's okay because I know that I will still be warm :P Paired with leggings, a hoody, a hat and some snow boots (I wish that I could get Bean Boots here in the UK because they would be mine in a heartbeat but I have some Joules equivalents that do fill the void in my wardrobe acceptably) a Barbour will keep you warm (with the awesome fleecy lining) and , most importantly, dry in the snow!

The Every Day outfit - this is definitely the outfit that I wear my Barbour with the most; a plaid shirt with a statement necklace (and a jumper if it's particularly cold!), skinny jeans and riding boots - this has become my go-to since last winter and I love how easy it is to throw on and wear all day but it looks really put together and like you put a lot of effort into your outfit! Plus the combinations of plaid shirts and statement necklaces are essentially limitless!

The Practical Outfit - I think that it's easy to forget sometimes that Barbour jackets were first and foremost meant for country work, not so much fashion like it is now! So, yes I wear my Barbour at the field when I working with my horses - including riding them, exercising them, mucking them out - you name it! This is my go-to horses outfit, it's warm, practical and suitable for all weathers :)

So that's how I tend to style my Barbour - but essentially I throw my Barbour on over whatever I may be wearing and somehow it works -  I love it! For Christmas I was given a second Barbour jacket - the {Outdoor Beadnell} in navy and this is even more versatile than the Olive Beadnell - I have a whole lot of navy in my wardrobe so this jacket just seems to go with everything! Plus I can get away with wearing my red jeans with the navy Barbour which I always felt odd wearing with the olive one because of the red and green clashing too much/looking like Christmas, haha!

{Rebecca} recently got her Barbour and also did a post on {how she styles her Barbour} - it definitely gave me some ideas of how to wear mine differently, plus it made me think that I need to attempt to wear my Barbour in more dressier outfits! 

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this post and thanks so much {Rebecca} for suggesting this post for me - I've loved writing it!

If you have any post suggestions then please feel free to leave them in a comment, tweet them to me on {my twitter} or {my blog twitter} or comment on one of {my instagram} pictures!

aHm xoxo