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Belle's Book Club 2014: 1/52 - Wish You Were Here...

Hey everyone

Let me preface this post by admitting the fact that I am a complete bookworm - like one of those people who start and literally have to finish a book in just one sitting

Over the summer of 2013 I started {Belle's Book Club: Summer 2013} in which I shared my {Summer 2013 Reading List} and my progress of reading through it by reviewing every book that I read that summer. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on each book and I felt like I learnt a lot more about what I like or don't like in a book and helped me to widen my genres of interest when choosing books to read.

So, with that in mind one of my {2014 Resolutions} is to start a book club feature on this ole blog of mine  - every week I will be sharing a review on a book that I've read recently - I hope you enjoy this feature!

Also, I'd absolutely love it if you'd like to follow along and chime in with your book reviews so I've made this a link up and the button and link up widget will be at the end of this post!

 Now, without further ado here's Belle's Book Club 2014: 1/52...

First up in my Belle's Book Club 2014 series I'm sharing - Wish You Were Here by Mike Gayle


Synopsis (via Goodreads

After ten years together, Charlie Mansell has been dumped by his live-in girlfriend Sarah. All he wants to do is wallow in misery, but mates Andy and Tom have a better idea: a week of sun, sea and souvlaki in Malia - party capital of the Greek islands. But Charlie and is mates aren't eighteen any more. Or even under thirty. And it shows. It isn't the cheap beer, the late nights or even the fast food that's the problem. It's girls. And life. And most of all...each other.

My Thoughts

This book was one of those ones that was part of a 3 for £whatever deal in the book store and I already had 2 books and was just trying to find a third - this was the third - sorry Mike.

Anyway, not letting that deter me I picked this book to read when I was freezing so I was going to spend a couple of hours in a Lush bath to get warm and wanted to transport myself to somewhere sunny. I have to say that this book definitely did the trick, I ended up reading this whole book in the bath so I was definitely sucked into the book!

Now, this book is a little bit different to what I usually go for, I love a good summer book (whatever time of the year) but it was the fact that the main characters in this book are male and are in their forties - I usually read YA books about girls around my own age. To my surprise I didn't feel like this was an issue at all - despite the characters being older and male I didn't have any trouble identifying with them - I think because they were going through very relate able things (a break up and a mid-crisis - both of which I think I ended up experiencing last year) plus they were in Malia and seeing the party scene through adult eyes - which I think I do anyway, I watch programmes about Malia with a look of shock and disgust on my face - true fact.

Anyway, most of all I think that I liked the characterisation by Gayle - I loved how obviously different the three main guys are which makes an interesting dynamic for them all going on holiday together. Charlie is my favourite by far - his journey of self discovery and getting over his break up was really cute and sweet to follow. I didn't like Andy so much because to be honest I think he's a bad friend and too hypocritical to even deal with! But Tom, aww Tom, sadly reminds me of what I think I'd be like if I went to Malia - completely out of my comfort zone!

In terms of the plot itself, it was easy to follow and I can honestly say that there wasn't any massive plot twists that really surprised me - apart from Tom's illness but that didn't really lead anywhere :/ One plot twist that didn't surprise me but I loved anyway was what happened with Charlie and Lisa (Andy's girlfriend) - I could spot what was going to happen a mile off and was hoping for it to develop but it really didn't and I found that disappointing because I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and want people who are meant to be together just be together.

I'm glad that this book was only a stand alone one because I can't say that it has interested me enough to want to read a series of them but I did really enjoy Gayle's style of writing. Particularly how realistic the trials and tribulations are that he puts his characters through and how well you get know his characters so quickly. While I can't see myself reaching to re-read this book in the near future, I would definitely consider reading another of his books. 

Overall, I think this book was just generally a really easy read to pass the time and distract you for a while!

Would you read this book? 

I hope enjoy this new Book Club feature on my blog - let me know what you think of it! If you fancy writing your own book review post and joining in on Belle's Book Club 2014 then here's the button and pretty please link up using the widget below so that I can go check your post out!

 It'd absolutely make my day! 

P.S. I use {Goodreads} to keep a record of books that I've read and books that I want to read so if you want to keep up with what I'm reading you can follow me {here}!