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2013 Memory Jar Reveal...

Hey everyone

As part of my {2013 Resolutions} I said that I wanted to start a happiness memory jar - basically I would fill a jar up with little notes of happy things that happened throughout the year and then on New Year's Eve I would tip out the jar and re-live the whole year.

I was so impressed with the fact that I actually stuck to my resolution and managed to fill up the whole jar with happys!

I feel so blessed that all of these notes reminded me of happy memories that I made this year. Although this year (well August through November) was incredibly tough on reflection 2013 was really rather good to me :)

So, I thought I'd a) share and b) document (so I can look back on what happened in 2013) some of my favourite happy memories from 2013...

In all things university related I was awarded an award for being {the best BMS in my area}, during my {placement} I was told that my first attempt at using the microtome (a diamond knife machine to cut tissue) was the best that they'd ever seen and I managed to survive my 14 week placement and {passed my registration portfolio} so I got on my way to becoming a registered Biomedical Scientist!

Going on holiday to {London} with Ma in August was definitely a highlight of my year - we had such a fun girly long-weekend :)

I was lucky enough to see Mcfly twice in 2013; once in Manchester in May on their {Memory Lane Tour} with my best friend Lj and my Nam (yes, one of my grandparents goes to Mcfly concerts with me :P)  and once in London at the {Royal Albert Hall} as part of their 10th anniversary tour!

As for gigs, I managed to get to three in 2013; I saw MDL twice (I'm gutted that they are no longer together anymore!) - once at my favourite local venue and once when they played their first (and last!) gig at my university - and I saw The Vamps in Manchester when they supported Mcfly - their cover of Cecilia was stuck in my head for ages after!

I had so many good memories with my friends this year - my absolute favourites were going to see my god-daughter perform in her first dance show in June, going on {campus explorations} with my uni bestie K (this experience of getting to see more of my campus was seriously one of the best parts of 2013!) and becoming a finalist in my uni's photography competition #autumnatkeele :)

Lots of seriously wonderful things happened with the bf and I (and some sucky things too but this is a happiness jar so we are gonna ignore them - they don't matter now at any rate!), my favourites were when we went out for breakfasts together, when he took me to Nando's (because he knows how much I love it there!), when he took me to the Trafford Centre for the first time and when we had countless simple date nights of take outs and movies :)

love you bf <3

Apparently a lot of my happy times involved food and drink (what a shock!) - I discovered two of my most favourite restaurants in 2013, {Hickory's} for the best American barbecue food this side of the Atlantic (it was so good I went there for my {20th birthday}!) and {Shake Shack} (despite my first and only visit there being way back in September, I can honestly say that at least once a week since then I've had Shake Shack cravings!). This year was also the year I got properly addicted to Starbucks - my absolute favourite is the mocha cookie crumble frap - I don't even want to think about how much money I spent on them in that summer!

The thing that I am most proud of that happened in 2013 happened really early on in the year - when I saw a homeless man in my local town and bought him some lunch, the {whole experience} was just really eye-opening. 

I found this experience of documenting the happenings of 2013 in a jar and looking back on them a really wonderful experience - it helped me to focus on the positive experiences I had throughout the year and everything that I had achieved. It allowed me to close the chapter of 2013 on a good note.

For that reason I decided that I would make it one of my {2014 Resolutions} to fill up another jar of happiness in 2014

So here it is - back to the start, a clean slate and an empty jar ready to be filled with all the happy memories and experiences I have in 2014.

Have you filled a memory jar? Would you?

aHm xoxo