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MWIP: 43/52...

MWIP: 43/52...

Hey everyone

I can't get over how fast the weeks are flying by now - it's crazy!
Here's what I got up to this week, I...

...I experimented with using washi tape to pretty-ify my laptop keyboard - ultimately I deemed the project far too fiddly and time consuming! It did look pretty cool though!

...had a little photo shoot with Prin - isn't she just the cutest?!

...organised, filled up and delivered the poppy appeal boxes for this year in my village - I bought myself this bracelet to show my support - I love it!

...had a crazy busy Wednesday

...decided to be brave and attempt to rock red lips this season - so I started this week when I wore my Joules hunting tunic - I actually quite like it!

...realised that I am a complete hoarder - these are just a load of carrier bags that I had kept up the loft because 'I might have needed them one day' - I don't know what I was thinking. Feel free to judge away - I am! 

...demonstrated my complete {hat obsession} this season when I wore my oxblood/burgundy/maroon bowler to uni one day this week

...spent some time studying in the library working on one of my final year projects

...fell in love with living in the countryside all over again when I went and spent some time with my horses this weekend :)

...remembered just how much I love toblerone when I picked one up on a whim from the pound shop! #newobsession

...tried the new Costa 'Hot Spiced Apple' drink - it was very nice but not a patch on the SCM from Starbucks though :P

...had a great time {exploring my university campus} with K - isn't it just stunning?

...had lunch at uni with K after our exploring - gotta love Friday catch ups with the best ones!

...wore my new lounge wear tracksuit for the first time and fell in love with how darn comfy it is!

...found and bought some new washi tape to add to my collection from Waterstones - I was thrilled to find somewhere I can buy it in person and not just from ebay!

...found some great new books whilst in Waterstones - as much as I love my kindle, nothing quite beats going into a bookshop and picking out some new books- don't you think?

...spent Saturday night at my bestie Lj's house for some quality bestie time and goddaughter time - complete with watching next-doors fireworks, ordering waay too much pizza and Saturday night telly #perfect :) 

...obviously took a boat load of pictures of Little Prin: her trying desperately not to go to sleep, enjoying watching the final of Great British Bake Off, helping my with my studying, chilling on my bed, just looking cute x2! :D

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

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Campus Exploration...

Campus Exploration...

Hey everyone

My uni bestie K and I realised that even though we really don't get to see each other that much this semester so we decided to dedicate Friday (our only day that we are actually in uni together for more than one hour!) as our day off work and plan to fill it with quality catch-up time!

This week we decided to go explore our campus a bit more (our campus is one of the largest in the country because it's all on one site and not spread across a city so despite the fact that we're now in our third year there's still plenty of places that we have yet to explore!) so that's what we did!

We fuelled up against the cold wind before our exploration by trying out the new 'Hot Spiced Apple' drink from the new Costa that opened on campus this year - it was really yummy, a nice refreshing change from my usual chocolate-y order of choice! Over our drinks we had a nice long chat about boys, our course, housemates, new scientific discoveries (I'm not kidding!) and everything in between :P

After our drinks had sadly run dry we started off our on little campus exploration adventure - we decided that we would once and for all find how to get to the bridge - a little bit of back story; K and I have been spending our free periods on campus wandering around the woods/grounds since first year and we've always walked under this bridge but could never find a way to get on to the bridge itself - we finally found a way! All thanks to K going on a macabre tour of the campus and seeing some steps when she was supposed to be touring the burial cave thing of the horse that belonged to the daughter of the family that lived in the Hall on campus!

I was so excited to have found a way onto the bridge - all though the view isn't too much to write home about, I feel like we accomplished something and can now cross it off my uni bucket list! :P

After the bridge escapade we wandered off into the woods (yes, our campus has its own Hall and woods #lucky) to try and find our next site of interest - the amphitheatre.

My campus exploration attire of choice, if you were wondering, was: jeans, cream jumper, Barber jacket & Joules wellibobs (which were an absolute life-saver when we were traipsing through the sludgy leaves! K definitely regretted wearing her converse by the end of it!)

Along the way to the amphitheatre I obviously had to snap some pictures of the beautiful scenery- we chose to go for our wander around mid-morning so the sunlight was really beautiful  peeking through the trees (and luckily the rain held off!)

Obligatory documentation snaps of us on our walk were obviously taken - K was excited when she realised that, by pure luck, we were going the right way (I still had my reservations and was convinced that we should have gone all Hansel and Gretel and left a trail of breadcrumbs - until K pointed out that the squirrels (our mascot #unipride) would probably have stolen them!)

We eventually made our way to this creepy, dark tunnel - I honestly thought that K had brought me here to meet my maker! 

I obviously made K go through first - leading the way with the flashlight on her iPhone - thank god for technology, eh? :P

And when we emerged we were greeted by this pretty awesome site - the secret site of legends, the amphitheatre! I was so happy to have found it! Another thing to tick of the bucket list for sure!

Apparently the amphitheatre is a listed site and was also known as The Temple - history says that it could have been a quarry, a children's theatre (how fancy!) or a site of pagan worship (oooh!) Either way, it's a pretty stunning site, don't you think?!

I especially love how the sunlight just bathed the whole walled area beautifully - it made it feel really special!

Plus the sunlight made the tunnel looked far less imposing from this way!

We said goodbye to the amphitheatre and left to get on with our trek back to civilisation - 

I honestly think that we have the most prettiest campus ever 
(I'm not biased at all :P)

I highly recommend taking some time out to explore your local area - you'll have so much fun and find some hidden gems that you didn't even knew existed!

aHm xoxo

MWIP: 42/52...

MWIP: 42/52...

Hey everyone

I've just noticed that the fact that this weeks MWIP is 42 means that there's only 10 more weeks left of this year - how insane is that?!

Anyway, this week, I...

...made the kitchen look all festive with Ma - seeing as decorating for autumn/fall isn't a big deal here in England we decided to make do with decorating for Halloween instead - I love how it turned out! 
side note: my favourite bit are the pumpkin lights - they light up and play creepy organ music!

...painted my nails with Nails Inc.'s 'Porchester Square' - I love how neutral yet still autumnal it is :)

...cooked up some chicken with my fave Nando's sauce for dinner one night

...got blocked in by some evil swans at the lakes - I was seriously sat there for about ten minutes waiting for them to move!

...decided that Little Prin is just too darn cute!

...thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast of choice as a Friday treat

...thought that the sky looked simply stunning one afternoon this week

...did a whole lot of studying in the library - third year deadlines are already killing me!
Pssst - see how I {deal with deadlines}

...realised that it was officially autumn/winter when I ordered a hot drink from Starbucks (Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate if you're interested) and then proceeded to get lipstick stains on the lid :P

...rekindled my love for candle-lit bubble baths, a good book and face masks - the perfect way to de-stress! 

...acted as a really good pillow for Prin to sleep on apparently :P

...finally remembered to buy OPI's 'Black Cherry Chutney' and painted my nails on it as soon as I got back home - I adore it!

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

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