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Not A Creature Was Stirring...

Hey everyone

So it's officially Christmas Eve!! I am definitely ready for tomorrow now that all this has been done...

...the horses have been looked after and groomed in the sunshine (look how beautiful the sky was - it looks more like spring than Christmas!)

...the favourite Christmas film has been watched
side note: I posted about some of my other favourite {festive films} yesterday!

...I've been out for lunch with my Dad - I totally got into the festive spirit with my Christmas jumper and red lips #sorryimnotsorry 

...the festive bubbles cocktails are being chilled

...the festive table cloth has been got out and ironed

...the table has been set

...the centrepiece has been placed

...the crackers have been opened

...the beverages have been decided on

...the chestnuts have been roasted and peeled
side note: this task was not as fun as I had anticipated it to be, in fact the peeling part was just a tad tedious!

...the presents have been picked up and delivered

...my little Stitch was full to the brim again!

...the discovery of the largest JW bag I have ever seen was made! 

...the presents have  been inspected by Little Prin

...the Chinese has been eaten - I don't know why but I swear that everyone I know has a takeaway on Christmas eve! 

...the stocking has been laid out on the reindeer bed sheets

...the Rudolph pjs have  been donned 

...the quintessential blogging in front of the Christmas tree has been done

Happy Christmas Eve y'all!

aHm xoxo