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MWIP: 51/52...

Hey everyone

I literally cannot believe that this is the second to last MWIP of this whole year! 
Here's what I got up to, I...

...fell in love with nutella peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows

...realised that the weather had turned pretty chilly

...went to Flora with Ma and Nam to see their wonderful Christmas decorations 

...fell in love with this vintage microscope at flora - I think that it would make the perfect home decor piece!

...finished wrapping all of my gifts

...wore red and green #feelingfestive

...enjoyed blogging in front of the Christmas tree

...couldn't get over this gorgeous pastel sky I saw when the bf and I were driving home

...went out for lunch with Ma to our favourite tapas place - their nachos are just too good!

...decided to go for some bold lip colours this season and found that Rimmel's Apocalips are the best for being long-lasting and super pigmented!

...watched Elouise at Christmastime for the first time and loved it! 
side note: here are some of my other favourite {festive films}

...went out for lunch with the bf and the pub had this wallpaper - I love it! I think it would be perfect for a statement wall!

...cracked open the Christmas choccies

...gave myself a festive manicure with Essie 'Bordeaux' and OPI 'Designer De-better'

...wore my festive Santa Baby jumper with a red lip

...realised that my mug of tea would always be recognisable as the one with lipstick on!

...ordered myself some new wellies seeing as I was forced to retire my old ones after the wading disaster of 2013 - see {this post} for more details

...had some very cute looking babies waiting for me

...went traipsing through the puddles - I'm such a kid at heart!

...thought that this sky was definitely not right for December!

...went round to Ljs for the delivery and wrapping of Boodle's Christmas present - definitely think that we disguised it well :P

...took the obligatory pictures of Little Prin: all snuggled up in my little den, trying to beg for her Christmas presents early, sitting on her watch tower, snuggling up to me and claiming the arm of the sofa as her seat

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

And as always, if you fancy linking up with you MWIP then here's the button and link up submitter thingy :)