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MWIP: 48/52...

Hey everyone
Here's what I got up to this week, I...

...fell in love with these thermal socks from primarni - they are so cozy!

...enjoyed celebrating thanksgiving this year with Ma (good call on the scone/biscuit America - I approve :P)

...love how festive Space.NK. have made their packaging - Ma bought a little present for Nam

...was super happy to receive this beautiful festive package from Ma

...received this beautiful ciate mini-mani month advent calendar from Ma!

...got very excited at the prospect of opening one of these little doors every day until Christmas to find a beautiful mini nail polish!

...asked Ma and Nam to pick these JW baubles up for me when they went on their annual JW shopping trip for my Christmas presents. I've decided to go all out and decorate my room for Christmas this year so I'm super excited to have these to hang on my tree (once I get my tree of course :P)

...made the ole blog a bit festive :P

...had a lovely relaxing bath with Lush's Golden Wonder bath ballistic (one of my new faves!) and got in some quality reading time :)

...enjoyed catching up on filling in my planner with some choccie :P

...had the best time ever at the Trafford Centre with the bf (yes you read that right, the bf and I are officially back together - my {grand gesture} helped I think!).

...we had a little Starbs break to refresh ourselves (the queue was crazy massive though so that was a bit of a pain!) - the bf had a chocolate cream and I tried a peppermint mocha frap for the first time - I fell in love!

...let the bf choose where we went for lunch - he chose Cafe Rouge because he has said for ages that he wanted to take me there - it definitely was a good pick - I loved it!
side note: love you bf <3 - I especially love how you put up with me taking endless pictures of you for this blog <3

...enjoyed this yummy burger from Cafe Rouge - I'm a sucker for a brioche bun, I tell you!

...got a tad overexcited when I saw that there was a VS in the Trafford Centre - a purchase obviously had to be made :P

...realised that we have had Little Prin officially for a whole year! I can't believe that it has been a year since I wrote {this} post about us bringing her home!
side note: Carly's new puppy {Teddy} is bringing back all the cute memories of Little Prin when she was a little pup - too cute!

...took pictures of Little Prin (obviously): when I nearly took her to uni with me for my lecture because she looked so cute, when she was having sleepy snuggles, when I told her we were going for a walk and she got all excited, when she fell asleep resting her head on Nam's hand (so cute!) and when she refused to get of the spare chair at the table while we were eating dinner (so cheeky!)

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

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