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Gift Guide: Stationery Obsessed...

Hey everyone

So, this week is my week of gift guides here on the ole blog - yay!
Today's gift guide is 'For the Stationery Obsessed'  

For the note leaver... this {note pad} would ensure a personalised touch!

For the stamper... this {address stamper} would make addressing their envelopes a lot quicker!

For the letter writer... this {personalised letter set} would lovely to send!

For the organiser... these {filing pegs} would make their lives a lot easier!

For the colour coordinator... this {notebook set} would make their heart flip!

For the list maker... this {pad} would definitely help to motivate them!

For the sticky note lover... these {sticky notes} would ensure that they kept on top of their to-do lists!

For the polite suggester... these {stop talking cards} would be the perfect way to suggest that someone should check their behaviour!

For the accessoriser... this {pencil bangle} would be such a statement!

For the to-do list check off-er... this {personalised to-do list} would definitely keep them on task!

For the random appreciator... these {cards} would be a lovely way to brighten someones day!

For the ultimate organiser... this {filofax} would realise all of their organising dreams!

At the moment I'm having a right craze over engraved pencils, here's my faves:

Bottom: {OMG} {mean} {love}

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide!

aHm xoxo