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Gift Guide: New Homeowners...

Hey everyone

So, this week is my week of gift guides here on the ole blog - yay!
Today's gift guide is 'For the New Homeowner'  
(I just love looking for home decor pieces so much that I had to make a gift guide including them!)

For the retro appreciator... this {milk bottle vase} would be a lovely decorative piece!

For the gallery wall-er... these {wall stickers} would add a little something to their gallery wall!

For the washi tape addict... this {giant safety pin} would be a great way to store their washi tape collection!

For the entrepreneur... this {bottle of entrepreneurial spirit} is just too fun!

For the southern hostess... this {mint julep vase} would be a great addition to their bar cart with some flowers in it!

For the bubbles lover... this {champagne cork side table} would definitely be a statement piece!

For the girly girl... these {jewellery hangers} would be a cute but still functional addition to their bedroom or closet!

For the typography lover... this {customised Welcome sticker} would look great in their entryway!

For the renter... this {sticker headboard} would be a great way to add decoration to their walls without it being permanent!

For the prep... these {mason jar shot glasses} are to die for! I am obsessed with them!

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide!

aHm xoxo