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Gift Guide: Inner Nerd...

Hey everyone

So, this week is my week of gift guides here on the ole blog - yay!

Today's gift guide is 'For the Inner Nerd'  
(come on, we all have an inner nerd deep down inside!)

For the stationery loving scientist... this {test tube stationery set} would be a perfect addition to their desk!

For the chemist... this {flask vase} is so unusual!

For the art-appreciating scientist... these {hanging test tube vases} would be a real conversation starting piece in their home!

For the pencil pusher... this {pencil bracelet} is just too fun!

For the child at heart... this {bubble wrap calender} is just hilarious!

For the punny one... these {engraved pencils} would definitely make them laugh when they were writing! 

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide!

aHm xoxo