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Deck the Halls...

Hey everyone

We are officially all decorated for Christmas so I thought I'd share our festive decor with y'all :)

WARNING: this post is ever so slightly (read: very) picture heavy!

This was the first decoration we hung up this year and I think it's my favourite - we bought it when we went to Fortnum and Mason's in September :) 

we decided to move the white tree from our lounge (where it is for the rest of the year) into our porch 

 we decided to go with red and white decorations in the porch - I love how it turned out!

we couldn't resist buying these mini crackers and decided that they were just too cute to pull!

I found this lovely wreath in the attic from years back and thought it'd be the perfect final addition to the porch decorations!

This is the first year that we have decorated the porch and I love how it turned out!

Although, my most favourite place to decorate is the lounge/dining room - like {last year} we went with a silver and white 'Winter Wonderland' theme - I adore it!

I may or may not be a tad OCD when it comes to the storage of the Christmas decorations and my favourite part is opening the big box that contains all of the tree decorations - just seeing them al sitting there sparkling gets me feeling so festive!

Putting on some Christmas tunes and getting down to decorating the tree definitely gets me in the Christmas mood!

So there it is, this years Christmas tree (well sort of, but more on that at the end of this post!) - I love how it ended up :)

These Christmas decorations are my absolute favourite :) 
What're your favourite Christmas decorations?

This little chap is the newest addition to our Christmas decor family and I think he's just adorable! 
Although I can't quite decide if he's a moose or a reindeer - thoughts? 

We decided to decorate the bookcase alcove in our dining room too this year (instead of the piano, which I am a little sad about, but it has a lovely big white glittery ribbon on it so I'm not too upset!) 

I especially love how the books look next to the lights :)
of course we decorated the mantle piece in the lounge too - again with lots of white, silver and bows! 

We hung this sleigh bell wreath on the door into our lounge , so every time the door opens it makes the most Christmas-y noise ever! Plus we hung some mistletoe lights around the door frame to make it a tad more festive!

We decided to keep things just a little festive in the kitchen with some fir tree branches, sleigh bell lights and a couple of snow globes :)

Now, that was all lovely and delightfully festive but then we had a minor Christmas disaster - in the form of our Christmas tree dying on us! We ended up having to get a replacement tree and had to redecorate the whole thing again! I have to say that despite the same festive music being played, the whole decorating the tree wasn't as much fun the second time around in just one week!

I don't think that I love this tree as much as the first one (I picked the first one and it was simply perfect!) but I do love how it looks decorated even so!

I think that decorating the house for Christmas is one of my favourite things to do of  the season!

aHm xoxo