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Campus Exploration: Boxing Day Edition...

Hey everyone

We spent the morning of Boxing Day walking through Keele Woods on my university campus - after exploring the woods with my uni bestie K over this past autumn semester I was so excited to share it with my family!

Ma, Nam, Little Prin, the bf & I set off on our walk, starting at Keele Hall

It was a foggy morning and the Hall looked simply stunning, if a little spooky!

When we got round to the front of the Hall Nam and Ma were completely in awe - it is such a gorgeous building!

It was so misty that the main lake couldn't even be seen from the top of the hill - madness! 
But very nice to photograph!

I was going to the family across the famous Keele causeway but decided that probably wasn't the best idea!

The woods were seriously beautiful on that crisp winter morning!

I loved taking some shots of the lake - it's so easy to photograph, even I can get some good shots!

It was so quiet and peaceful out in the woods - the perfect way to walk off some of those Christmas choccies!

The lakes looked so eerily pretty with the fog curling over them, I was memorised!

I tried to capture it as best as I could - but I'm not sure I did it justice!

The woods were so creepy too - I love photographing these woods!

I felt a tad like Hansel and Gretal leading all of them through the woods!

When we finally finished our walk and emerged from the woods the fog had lifted, the sky had cleared and it was even a bit sunny! 

I feel so utterly blessed to have called this gorgeous campus home for the last three years :)

Little Prin absolutely loved her walk, especially seeing as she was allowed to get as muddy as she liked!

aHm xox