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Campus Exploration #4...

Hey everyone

Last week K and I went on another campus exploration adventure - after missing a couple of weeks because of crazy deadline schedules we were looking forward to wandering around our beautiful campus again!

This view from Keele Hall of the main lake gets me every time - isn't it absolutely stunning?!

We decided to wander around the main lake from the other direction to what we usually do and I can confirm that although the path definitely isn't as woodland-y and is more tarmac-y the view is still beautiful

Seeing as it was our last walk around campus of the semester (*sob*) we decided to be adventurous and instead of going around the lake to the other side of the woods we decided to go through the lake. 

Yep. Through the lake, we thought it'd be a great idea, we both had our wellies, the stone wasn't too slippy, it'd be great. Yeh, not so much seeing as it turns out my wellies had a leak in so I ended up trudging through the lake essentially with the lake actually in my shoes!

I have to say that the view from in the middle of the lake was totally worth the damp (soaking) feet!

Plus this experience with my best uni friend was definitely one for the album!

After the lake escapade K and I decided to take our usual path through the woods - I swear that at any time of the year these woods are like something straight out of a fairytale!

We did decided to deviate from our usual path through the woods and may or may not have gotten a little lost but we did find some stunning (if slightly creaky) trees on our route!

I love exploring my campus - where's your favourite place on your campus?!

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aHm xoxo