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MWIP: 46/52...

Hey everyone

So it's getting to that time in the semester when all of my deadlines are due (final year is still kicking my derriere) but I still managed to take lots of pictures - here's what I got up to this week, I...

...enjoyed a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks

....broke out my new {baby blue} winter coat for the first time and absolutely fell in love with how cosy and warm it is!

...felt very glam when I teamed a red lip with an LBD and a glitzy statement necklace when I went out on Saturday night

...had champagne and Nam and G's before we went to the theatre on Saturday night 
side note: how cute does my Grandad look?

...had a lovely time at the theatre with the family - we went to see 'Beyond the Barricade' which is a show that is a collection of some of the best known songs from great musicals that are on now and those that were on in the past - I love a good musical - sung by actors that have actually been in Les Mis productions! Plus the finale was a collection of songs from Les Mis which is my absolute fave musical so I was loving it!

...saw the first frost of the season at the field - it's definitely winter now!

...was followed around the field by this little one - I swear that he thinks he's a puppy sometimes!

...took a selfie with my little man - yep he chose the pose all by himself :P

...went to go pick up my award with Ma and Nam - it was their first experience listening to a research lecture so their reaction was pretty interesting - they loved it!

...went to my award ceremony to accept my award - plus they gave me £50 of Waterstones vouchers so the bookworm in me is very excited!

...went all minnie/mickey mouse in my pjs - so comfy!

...had deadline after deadline this week with no let up 

...felt like being ever so slightly festive with my nail polish choice this week - I went with Barry M's Gelly in Pomegranate - a lovely classic glossy red 

...had breakfast from Mcdonalds again - so good!

...spied my babies looking all innocent trying to pretend that they hadn't just broke the fence that they were standing next too - so cheeky!

...bought an advent calender for Prin - I know it's a bit of an overkill but I couldn't resist it!

...got waay too over excited at the new of Mcfly and Busted joining forces to do a tour in 2014 - I luckily managed to get tickets for me, K and C from uni - I'm so excited to see my boys in concert again! 
Not that I'm the biggest Busted fan - my heart will always and has always belonged to Mcfly - but I will support Mcfly in whatever they do!

...had a girly night in with my bestie Lj and my goddaughter with a takeaway and watching Children in Need - highlight of the night was watching Boodles sing and dance along to Mcfly playing LIOTR without any prompting from me #proudauntiebel

...took a selfie with my goddaughter - obvs

...continued my obsession with Toblerone - it's just so good!

...spent some time bringing my planner up to date - I was nearly two weeks behind because things with uni have gotten so crazy!

....spent some of my Waterstones vouchers on this super awesome case for my Kindle 

...took some pictures of Little Prin when she was: snoozing on my bed, cuddling with me on my Tuesday TV night, begging me not to go out on Friday night (look at those puppy dog eyes!), chilling on my bed, sitting at her place at the table for Sunday lunch, having snuggles.

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

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