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MWIP: 45/52...

Hey everyone

This week, I...

...tried to capture the weather when I I was at the field spending some quality time with my horses - believe it or not, but in this photo it's actually pouring down with rain! 

... deduced that my little man was not impressed with the weather going from monsoon to sunny in one second!

...painted my nails with OPIs 'My Private Jet' - I feel like I can only wear this polish in the autumn so I finally decided to wear it this week, sadly it seems like autumn has come to an end already!

... took an OOTD when I took Prin on a walk - Joules bean-boot-esque boots, leggings, heather grey jumper and of course my Barbour - perfect autumnal attire for wandering around the countryside :)

... thought that Little Prin was a little monster at Sunday lunch - she demanded her own chair at the table!

...took another OOTD when I was putting my horses in for the night - wellies, jodphurs, hoodie and of course my Barbour - I love how versatile my Barbour is!

...had a mcdonalds breakfast for the first time!

...was so thankful that my great uncle painted me this piece of art to celebrate {my award}

...decided that I really don't like the fact that I have to do final year projects - double the workload is absolutely killing me!

...realised that it must be getting to that time in the semester when all my deadlines are because of my crazy studying hairstyle!

...lit my new candle seeing as it is November now - and it sure is raining a lot here!

...decided that because it is so darn chilly in England at the moment it was time to break out the onesies and hot chocolate - #sorryimnotsorry

...had cereal for dinner one night - so good!

...finally got my hands on this awesome nail polish remover - not that the nail polish itself is anything to write home about, but the bottle is awesome - the pump makes it super easy!

...got overexcited at the arrival of #redcups - I tried the peppermint hot chocolate and the orange mocha - I gave the mocha to Ma - it was too coffee-y for my taste but the peppermint hot chocolate was stunning!

...over-indulged in the peppermint hot chocolate and had three this week - #oops!

...had a battle of the navy polishes from essie when trying to decide what to paint my nails with

...went for 'after school boy blazer' - the most perfect blackened navy - I'm always a bit apprehensive of wearing black because it can look pretty harsh but this is the perfect middle ground!

...rocked red lips again - it's definitely growing on me!

...snapped yet another OOTD (apparently liked my outfits this week!) - I thought it was very autumn appropriate :)

...wore my new ankle booties for the first time - in love!

...couldn't resist buying these new mickey/minnie mouse pjs and slippers

...went a tad crazy for the {lush} Christmas products - I think I'm all set for the winter season now!

...had my fave black forest hot chocolate from Costa - so glad that they brought it back for Christmas this year! Aren't these cups the cutest though?!

...had an awesome time {exploring campus} with K - I swear that every time I explore a new part of campus I fall more and more in love!

...took waay too many pictures of Little Prin! She had fun chilling at Nam and G's when we had a takeaway at theirs, cuddled with G, posed for photos on their chair, went delivering poppies, went on a trip to the mcdonalds drive through with me, had to get in on the photo when I was trying to instagram my new booties, was very interested in the {cinders} bath ballistic from lush, had cuddles in bed whilst I was watching the TV and had fun peeking out from under the covers!

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

And as always, if you fancy linking up with you MWIP then here's the button and link up submitter thingy :)