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MWIP: 44/52...

Hey everyone

This week went by ridiculously fast! Here's what I got up to, I...

...carved our pumpkins with Ma - I attempted to carve my monogram this year and although it's slightly issued I am still pleased with how it turned out!

...finally (finally) found the perfect hunter green nail polish - Nails Inc.'s 'Bruton Mews' - plus this lasted on my nails for nearly a whole week - very impressed!

...loved the afternoons at the lakes this week when I went to feed my horses - so stunning!

...played around with the panorama setting on my iPhone whilst at the lakes - I love it!

...snapped a quick OOTD for when I went to feed my horses - wellies, jods, uni hoodie and Barbour - I'm just so stylish -not- :P

...made my little babies very happy by starting to take them extra feed down in the afternoons now that it's getting wintry :)

...enjoyed snacking on some malteasers when I was enjoying my Tuesday TV night - honestly Tuesday is such a good night for TV - Duck Dynasty, TVD & The Originals all on one night!

...celebrate Halloween by eating this little cake pop guy and lots of choccie :)

...absolutely fell in love with my new bedding that Ma bought me from Primark - it's brushed cotton so it's so unbelievably snuggly and warm and cosy!

...got followed to my car by the doggy that lives with the family that I tutor at!

...delivered poppies for the poppy appeal door-to-door down our road with Ma & Princess - I was very impressed with how well behaved she was; waiting at the edge of everyone's drive way!

...had a Starbucks lunch with Ma so that she could have her last PSL of the season

...had my usual cold Stabs drink to try to fight off the sore throat I was developing

...found this super cute bucket of Greek yoghurt!

...found out that I'd had {my tumblr} for officially two years - that's crazy!

...had my winter order from Costa with K on Friday - a hot chocolate with a shot of vanilla - yum!

...went on a bit of a ramble through the woods at uni with K and...

...decided to treat ourselves after our 'exercise' with a burger - shhh!

...bought Little Prin the cutest velour jumper for in the house for when it gets colder this winter - isn't it precious?!

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

And as always, if you fancy linking up with you MWIP then here's the button and link up submitter thingy :)