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How To Have The Perfect Morning...

Hey everyone

Now, I've been pretty stressed recently (stupid third year of my degree is absolutely kicking my derriere!) so I've been working myself like crazy trying to get on top of both my projects and my usual module assessments (eeek!) and absolutely fantasizing about a day (when I've got all of my work out of the way) that I can just dedicate to giving myself (rewards are a great motivation) the perfect morning...

- set your alarm for earlier than you need; that way you can turn it off and snuggle back to sleep with no guilt!

- when you eventually wake back up again naturally, open your curtains and window to at least give the impression that you're reading to seize the day to the outside world

- head to the bathroom and wash your face with your favourite cleanser ( you know, the one that smells delicious but somehow doesn't break you out), don't forget to moisturise!, and brush your teeth - nothing makes me feel fresher than a clean face and minty breath

- make your way to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee, whatever floats your boat) and take it back to bed with you

- catch up on reading your favourite blogs whilst sipping on your hot beverage and snuggled under your duvet

- when you're all caught up, go and fix yourself a yummy breakfast - be it nice and healthy porridge with fruit or a cheeky bacon buttie (I won't tell anyone, promise!) and take it back to bed with you - eat whilst catching up on what's going on in the world (be it via a newspaper or just checking twitter - that's something I'm totally guilty of!) 

- once breakfasted spend some extra time getting ready - pick out a great outfit (I use Pinterest for my inspiration) and put in some effort with your make up - you deserve to look pretty, even if it's only for yourself!

I think that lazy, un-rushed , indulgent mornings are the best way to start your day!

I, for one, cannot wait until I can have my perfect morning!

What would be your perfect morning?

aHm xoxo