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Fall/Autumn Uniform...

Hey everyone

Seeing as it is now November I feel that I can't delude myself any longer of the fact that it is most definitely autumn - *sarcastic yay*

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love autumn - the countryside is just so darn pretty in the autumn but I just hate the constant rain we are getting at the moment, the fact that it's getting really cold (today we were only just in double digits!) and that I can't deny that the nights are setting in sooner (I can't deal with waking up when it's still dark)

With this realisation I have fallen into my comfortable 'rut' of my daily uniform - jeans, plaid button down shirt, Barbour jacket, fluffy socks & riding boots

This combo is so simple and quick to throw on but looks like I've put just enough effort in for the day - what a perfect combination!

I swear that if you look on my {A/W Styling} board on my {Pinterest} most of my pins feature most of these picks! What can I say - when I find a combination that I love and works I just stick with it!

What's your Fall/Autumn Uniform?
Do you have staples for this season that you reach for a lot of the time?

aHm xoxo