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Campus Exploration #3...

Hey everyone

For the last two weeks K & I have been spending the time between our two lectures on a Friday exploring the woods on campus and I've been documenting our rambles via a post every Tuesday, here's {week 1} and {week 2} if you wanted to see our previous explorations!

So, this week K and I decided to go for a serious walk through the woods today - we both donned our wellies (yes we are that dedicated to our weekly walks that we brought our wellies specifically for this purpose :P) and decided to get our weekly Costa's to go

side note: Costa had just launched their Christmas menu and although I'm loyal to my peppermint hot chocolate in a red cup from Starbucks - there's something about a black forest hot chocolate in this festive reindeer cup from Costa that gives the red cup a run for its money!

We decided to start our ramble this week from where we turned back from last week, right here...

We wandered down that slope and found ourselves here...

I still can't get over how we have a full on proper forest on our campus!

We stumbled across what could be described as lake number 5 (we're calling it that anyway :P)

But then we found a legit river - with running water and everything!

Last week we found this waterfall but never found out how to see the the pool...

...and this week we found it! The waterfall runs into the river thing we had just seen :)

Figuring out where the waterfall from last week ended up made us think that we had potentially walked in a big circle over the two weeks walks...turns out we had!

Last week we saw this fork in the road and we decided to go right and take the woodland walk...

...and this week we came up the field path and ended up at the fork in the road again, but from the opposite direction!

Because we are such serious ramblers now (haha!) we decided that that wasn't enough for the day so we ventured off into another part of the woods, following a teeny tiny path and ducking under the edges of the 'proper' path  

we came across this super pretty stream/river

and then did some pretty impressive ducking under this fallen tree  

We decided that our walk was pretty awesome and adventurous, and seeing as we had brought our wellies specifically for the occasion - we dubbed ourselves serious ramblers and awarded ourselves our Ramblers Level Four Award :P 

aHm xoxo