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Campus Exploration #2...

Hey everyone

So last week I {posted} about how me and K have decided to use our free time between our lectures on a Friday to go and explore our campus a bit more - last week we went in search of the amphitheatre so this week we decided to take a wander in the woods because we've never really explored the woods before. 

As per we popped into Costa a) to escape the rain, b) to warm up and c) to have a good ole catch up before setting off on our walk. I had my fall-back standard drink of a hot chocolate (the only drink that I will conceed that Costa does better than Starbucks is the hot chocolate - the Costa hot chocolate is seriosuly yummy!) with a shot of vanilla :)

So on our campus there are 18 lakes - there's one obvious one right next to the Hall but this first one we saw is pretty well-known because it's literally just as you step into the woods - it's seriosuly pretty though

I like how this lake has this little landing-walk-way thing in it - it'd make for great picutres in the spring/summer when the rock wasn't slippy!

We found some steps that we made a note to explore next time - we decided to just go on a straight path through the woods this time (mainly because we thought that this would help us not get lost - well, we had the best intentions but we still got semi-lost anyway!)

The woods are such a stunning part of campus - it's so quiet and peaceful in there

We then decided to deviate a little from our straight path because we heard a waterfall (yep, a casual waterfall on campus!) so we had to explore...

...we found it! And K risked life and limb on slippy stone to get a fab picture of the waterfall! 
What we do for instagram, eh?!

We are so blessed to be able to study at a uni literally right in the middle of the countryside 

We then discovered that our go straight plan was slightly flawed when we came to a fork in the path - we went right into the woods and decide to save the field walk for a more sunny day!

We found lake number 2!

And another water fall - but sadly it was waay too steep to attempt to photograph where the water went with this one!

We found lake number 3! 
I think that this one was my favourite - it was so stunning!

I swear that every time I explore a new bit of campus I fall more and more in love with it - I'm struggling to accept the fact that I have less than 9 months left at this beautiful uni - there's so much more I want to see!

K and I have decided that we are making it our mission to find and photograph each one of the 18 lakes on campus before we graduate - 4 down and 14 to go!

Have you spent some time exploring your campus? 
Where's your favourite place on campus?

aHm xoxo