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Two Years of Blogging...

Hey everyone

So as of today I have officially been blogging over here in my lil corner of the intwerwebs for two whole years!

After two years, here I am with 454 posts under my belt, astounded by 23 014 page views (woah!!), 54 followers from blogger and 26 followers from bloglovin'! This is crazy!

I feel that in these past two years I've really (finally) figured out what I want my blog to be about and have embraced the reasons why I started this blog - I've learnt not to get all hung up on numbers of followers/comments/page views and just enjoy blogging for what I want it to be - an outlet for my writing, to document my life - I don't want my blog to be a business (well not yet anyway!) - and I'm so proud that I've stuck with it for this long!

Last year I made {this} list of goals that I had hoped to have accomplished by now - here's how I did - 
  1. Successfully start my own link-up (hint hint) - well I have started providing a link up submitter thing at the end of my MWIP posts - sadly no one has linked up yet but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day #babysteps :P
  2. Participate in a swap :) - not as of yet, someday I will, I'm sure!
  3. Reach 100 followers (go big or go home after all!) - I appreciate my little group of regular readers/commenters - it makes me feel like you all are actually interested in what I have to say - after all quality is waay better than quantity!
  4. Pluck up the courage to promote my blog on twitter (I'm unsure of what my IRL friends might think of me blogging so I've always put myself off doing this) - well I haven't actually promoted my blog on my {personal} twitter but I did make a twitter account especially for my {blog} so that sort of counts, right? :P As for IRL friends knowing about my blog, my bestie has started up {her} own blog now so she definitely knows I have a blog!
  5. Initiate more button swaps - January through August I did monthly button swaps, each month featuring my fave blogger that I was especially loving that month - after the rocky month that was August I sort of got out of sync with my monthly button swap features and that's saddened me - I need to get back into it!
  6. Participate in a blog takeover for a post - ie. someone blogs on my blog and I blog on theirs - I have yet to do this too! I still think this would be a really fun idea though so if anyone wants to do a blog takeover with me then please let me know in the comments!
This year I'm only setting myself one new goal - to carry on enjoying my blogging hobby - blogging about whatever topic takes my fancy!

Thank you all so much for reading and/or following and/or commenting on my blog - I honestly get so excited about the fact that you lovely lot actually what I blog about! I'm so grateful for the blog-y friendships that I've made :)

Here's to another year of the life and times of Belle!

aHm xoxo