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TV Time - Autumn 2013...

Hey everyone

With the beginning of autumn comes loads of great telly - yay!

Here's the TV series that I'm going to be watching this season -  

BBC's new drama to replace Merlin on a Saturday night has just started and I've been giving it a go - I loved Robin Hood but hated Merlin so I had mixed thoughts about how I would like Atlantis but it's actually really great! If you ask me, there's just the right amount of history, action, romance, magic but with some humour thrown in for good measure! Plus I'm in love with Pythagoras - he's just so cute! 

Finally Duck Dynasty has made it's way onto UK television so I had to give it a watch to see what all of the fuss was about - I totally get it, this show is so hilarious! I absolutely love the accents that they all have but mainly I like the show for their family morals - I think it's great!

I finally ordered GG season 6 on DVD (if I've started the collection of a show in DVD form then I like to complete the collection - I'm a tad OCD like that!) - I'm looking forward to watching the final season even though I know how Gossip Girl is already (darn tumblr spoilers :P) - I love GG but I think I need to re-watch series 5 or at least read the synopsis before starting this because I cannot for the life of me remember what went on in the last series! 
When MIC first came onto our screens I was a massive fan but eventually as the series went on the story lines just became a bit slow and the characters a lot less real so I stopped being so obsessed about watching it - I didn't watch any episodes of season 5 at all but Made in Chelsea Season 6 is starting again soon so I'm going to give it a go again - mainly because I just love Jamie so much! Plus we all need a bit of reality TV in our lives, I think, am I right? :P

I've only recently jumped on the TVD band wagon but I am definitely making up for lost time - I'm obsessed! Season 4 was recently released on DVD so I had to order it (again I started the collection in DVD form so I had to continue :P) and I can't wait to get down to watching it! I'm going to try to resist watching it straight away and re-fresh myself by re-watching season 3 again but I'm not sure I will be able to wait that long!

Because of my newly establish TVD obsession I am super excited for the spin off, The Originals, to start - I've still got a couple of weeks to go before it starts here in the UK but I'm definitely looking forward to it!

What are you watching this season? 
Are you a fan of any of the shows I've mentioned?

aHm xoxo