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The Baby Blue Winter Coat...

Hey everyone
So way back at the beginning of September I saw {this} video from {Ally Valentine} and fell absolutely head-over-heels in love with the baby blue winter coat she bought but seeing as it was from Valentino it was just the teensiest bit out of my price range (read that as waaaay out of my price range!) and went on the hunt for one straight away!
Like any good scientist (or shopper :P) I went about doing some research on my new 'must-have' item for this winter and stumbled across Blake Lively as Serena from GG and well if it's good enough for SvdW then I'm more than happy to sport one!

After obsessing over every picture on {pinterest} and {tumblr} of baby blue coats for a couple of weeks I spotted {this} post from Rosie from {The Londoner}and knew it was fate - she blogged about receiving a beautiful pastel blue coat from M&S (of all places!) and she styled the coat in a way which was actually do-able and that I could actually see myself wearing it - she made the pastel winter coat seem way more wearble than I had preciously thought!

Near enough as soon as I'd finished reading Rosie's post I headed straight over to the M&S website to purchase the coat - only to find that there were only 3 left in my size! I don't think that I've ever added something to my cart and checked out so fast in my life! Fun fact: I checked back later that night and all sizes in all colours had sold out! So glad that I managed to get one!

So here it is, my winter coat for 2013 :)

When it first arrived I was really concerned as to how wearable it would be - I mean how do you style a baby blue coat - it's definitely a statement piece! I'm thinking of taking a cue from both Rosie and Serena/Blake and pairing it with basic neutrals - denim, white shirts, black jumpers, sneakers, riding boots - I am quite looking forward to the challenge of styling it to be honest - I've never really stepped out of my comfort zone like this before - wish me luck!

I'm so very happy with my 2013 winter coat - I think the fun pastel colour will definitely help to take the edge off the freezing winter I'm sure England is bound to experience!

Are you a fan of the pastel winter coat trend? 
Or do you think I'm a tad crazy for loving it - being honest, I thought I was at first!
What's your winter coat for this year? Or is it just me who buys a new winter coat each year?!

aHm xoxo