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Stationery Haul: Third Year...

Hey everyone

So with the start of a new semester comes the need for new stationery - and I have to say that this is my favourite part of going back to school! 

Now during my first year of uni I seriously depleted my stocks of stationery so last year I went just the teensiest bit crazy when I went back to school stationery shopping - you can see the ridiculousness in {this} post! - and of course I didn't end up using all of the things I bought then!

Seeing as I'm in my third (and final -sob-) year of my undergraduate degree this year I really think that I've established the way I learn best and therefore my stationery needs down to a fine art. As always I wrote myself a little list of things that I needed (taking into consideration the things I already had, like I already bought pens and plastic wallets (waaay too many plastic wallets!) for my placement module over the summer so I didn't need any of those!) and found that I really didn't need much stationery this year!

With my list in hand I headed off to the shop - determined to stick to my list!

I bought two lever arch binders because I'm strictly a one binder per module/subject girl (always have been) - I just find that having my modules organised separately helps me to be a lot more organised :) Although I'm technically doing four modules this year, two of them are projects so I didn't think that I needed a binder for them (turns out I actually do, so I'm off to the shops again this week to buy two more ring binders! And to pick up some ruled paper while I'm there because I forgot on this trip), I only wanted lever arch binders for my two 'theory' modules.

To be honest I'm not really sure why I bought these two document wallets - I think I thought that they may be useful for something - they weren't on my list! I haven't found a use for them yet anyway :/

Because I'm doing two projects this year, buy a project book was an obvious choice - although I've already done the lab work for one of my projects (yay for summer placement making my semester easier!) I still wanted somewhere to write down my notes for when I'm writing my practical up :) Hopefully this will keep me organised because doing two completely separate projects is going to be pretty hard work and confusing!

Pen-wise I bought my usual Staedtler markers - I've used these since college for making my cue cards and they work perfectly) - I also bought the Staedtler coloured biros which I've never tried before - mainly because I'm going to use them to write up my notes and the backs of my cue cards so I wanted a colour coding system to flow smoothly from my notes to my cue cards and I'd already decided I wanted the markers so I needed the same selection of colours #OCDprobs :P - and then I bought some highlighters - I initially wanted the same colour selection as the pens and markers but then I thought that for my projects I will have to read lots of journal articles which have tiny print and I will need to highlight key information in them the skinny ones would work better :)

And that's all - yep, I'm as surprised as you are that I (mainly) stuck to my list and bought stuff that I know I will actually use! Well done me :)

What are you key stationery items that you have to have for school?

aHm xoxo