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Princess' 1st Birthday...

Hey everyone

Today is a very special day - it's Princess' First Birthday! 

Yes, she is wearing pearls :P

Little Prin has brightened up mine and Ma's lives so much - the laughter she brings us every single day, the welcome we get when we walk through the door, the snuggly cuddles and kisses we get - we are so lucky and so grateful for her!

In honour of her birthday Ma and I spent last night crafting some bits and pieces for her - a banner, a hat and a card :) 

I'm very impressed with how they turned out!

Prin was very intrigued by them - and obviously couldn't miss a chance to photo bomb :P

Whilst she loved the attention and being spoiled on her special day...

...she wasn't too impressed when she realised we actually wanted her to wear her birthday hat and not just carry it around :P

We took all the decorations down to my Nam and Gs to celebrate whilst we had our usual Sunday Roast - and Prin may or may not have had a sneaky bit of roast turkey as a special treat #shhh :P

I definitely think that Little Prin had a lovely day and was thoroughly spoiled - but then again, she is every day :P

aHm xoxo