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MWIP: 41/52...

Hey everyone

This week was filled with really fun things - my only complaint is that it absolutely flew by! Here's what I got up to this week, I...

...celebrated Little Prin's {first birthday} - it was so much fun!

...got sucked into making some cheeky purchases at Boots! 

...took a #shamelessselfie on the way to church for my G's 51st anniversary of being a lay reader because I was (and still am) loving my new hat! 

...had a sleepy Prin in my bed - yes her head is resting on the pillow and her body is under the covers #shethinksthatsheisaperson :P

...enjoyed a lovely relaxing bath with one of my Lush bath bombs :)

...tried out the fall drinks at Starbucks with Ma - she had the classic PSL and I had a SCMF - yums!

... purchased another new hat - what can I say - I really am embracing my {hat obsession} this autumn!

...found the perfect autumn shade of nail polish - too bad that I find the name of it just a tad offensive/provocative for a polish!

...re-established my favourite spot in the library at uni as my own - Starbs in hand of course :P

...enjoyed my elevenses snack as a break from studying

...was considerably happier with Little Prin's hair cut this time around - doesn't she look adorable?!

...was over the moon when Ma surprised me with this ukulele! I've been wanting to try the ukulele for a really long time now but I've always been put off because I've never played the guitar before so just assumed it would be really difficult - to my surprise I think I'm actually getting it!

I hope you all had a great week - let me know what you got up to in the comments!

And as always, if you fancy linking up with you MWIP then here's the button and link up submitter thingy :)