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Final Year...

Hey everyone

It feels very odd writing this - like it's the beginning of the end - Monday (I had intended to write this yesterday, well Sunday really, but I just couldn't bring myself to admit that I had to go back to uni for my final year #indenial!) was my last first day of my last year of my undergraduate degree - phew! - I honestly can't even fathom how I'm already going in to my third year - I swear second year went by in the blink of an eye! Seriously though I can't even remember spring semester of second year - it's a little worrying!

Anyway, this year is going to be a crazy one - albeit this semester seems like it's going to be pretty quiet but I think that's only because next semester is already shaping up to be absolutely insane! The way my timetable has fallen means that I have just three modules this semester and four next semester - now that may not seem a whole lot but I have two projects to plan, carry out and write up as two of those modules - things are going to get crazy!

Having said that, I am really looking forward to studying all of my modules this year - they all sound really interesting, especially my electives! So, this year I will be studying:

Applied Biomedical Science Placement (both semesters)
Research Project (both semesters)
Advances in Medicine (autumn)
Structural Biology & Macromolecular Function (autumn) - what a mouthful, eh?!
Clinical Pathology (spring)
Case Studies in Biomedical Science (spring)
Biology of Disease (spring)
Biochemistry in Practice - Acquisition, Analysis & Communication (spring) - admittedly, this doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs :P

I think I am most looking forward to the fact that these modules are a lot more related to Biomedical Science (not just a mix of Biochemistry/Human Biology like the modules of my past two years have been - not that that was a bad thing, I enjoyed those modules too!) which are obviously going to interest me the most because that's what I want to do, haha!

The thing that's going to be really odd this year is the fact that I will have no 'taught' labs - all of my labs will be committed to my research project and obviously I will be deciding what I do in them and how I want to research my project - which is a little scary, not going to lie! My project is researching the "Opimization of growth parameters for Lactobacillus Casei" - essentially it's a microbiology lab and on the surface it doesn't see like it will be too complicated (watch everything go wrong now and the bacteria be super hard to grow!) - I quite like micro anyway so I'm excited to start my labs!

As per, the first week of uni is pretty slow and not very interesting (just being honest!) - I've just two introductory lectures to my autumn modules (Thursday and Friday), I have to organise a meeting with my project tutor (that's going to be fun! #sarcasm) and I had a tutorial on Monday for my ABMS Placement module - I must say that it was the most relaxed tutorial I've ever been in (I'm not sure if I was a fan or not), essentially we just chatted about our placement and got told to reflect on the interprofessional working we experienced on placement for 40% of our module mark and due in on the 18th of October - yep, that is in two weeks time! - third year really doesn't mess around!

Anyway, enough of my rambling!

aHm xoxo