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Final Year Reflection: Week 1...

Hey everyone

So, I'm starting a new mini-series on my blog - introducing (*imagine drum roll here*) my Final Year Reflections (boring title I know, but I'm a scientist - creativity is not one of my strengths :P) - this mini-series is basically going to be me documenting what happens to me week by week as I go through my final year of university (don't even get me started on how fast this has come around!). 

Now, I'm not going to lie and say that I'm doing this for any other reason aside from the fact that I think that it will be great to look back on these weekly reflections and re-live my final year at university- I just wish that I'd thought of this sooner! And because of this I completely understand that some of you probably wont want to read about my ramblings regarding me week at uni, but I'm going to be honest - I blog for myself, my blog is something for me to look back on and re-visit - having said that I hope that maybe some of you will enjoy seeing what my life at uni is like and seeing a bit more of that side of my life :)

Anyway, onto my reflection of my first week...

First off I cannot believe that I am now in my third year - I cannot even say how fast my three years at uni have gone - eeep! 

Monday:  my official last first day of my last autumn semester as an undergraduate - crazy! I love the fact that my classes didn't start until the afternoon - mornings are bad enough but Monday mornings are just the worst! So, I was able to have a lie in, take my time getting ready and breakfasting before driving the 30 minute drive to uni - down perfect country roads may I add, I love living in the countryside!. I had a tutorial for my placement module - this was the most relaxed tutorial I've ever experience, essentially all we did was have a quick chat about our upcoming assessment (in just two weeks time!) and then spent the rest of the time chatting about our different experiences on placement and in the different hospitals. And that was me done for the day, so I headed off home - yay!

Tuesday: I had nothing scheduled for uni so Ma and I went shopping, it started off as just going shopping for my stationery for uni but then turned into lunch out and me buying clothes and jars and skincare that I probably didn't really need :P

Wednesday: Again I had nothing scheduled at uni so I spent the morning with my horses - schooling, grooming and mucking out - it's a glamorous life I lead :P

Thursday: I had a lecture at 11am so again I had a relaxing morning and then drove to uni (Lady Antebellum's 'Golden' album is such a good driving soundtrack!) and had a good catch up with the besties K & G before going into the tiniest lecture theatre ever and having a 30 minute introduction to my 'Advances in Medicine' module - it sounds really interesting about cutting edge research in my field - I'm excited to see how it pans out :) The fact that I did drive an hour for a half hour lecture pained me a tad but that's just the nature of the first week of a new semester being about introductory lectures - it's nice to ease me back into uni-life though :)

Friday: Of course my lovely timetable for this semester would have to have a little blip on it - a 9am lecture on a Friday - le sigh - it is 'Advances to Medicine' though so I'm sure that will soften the blow :P Today's lecture was regarding our coursework for the module - it's a poster presentation on a research paper to test our ability to find the core message in a research paper - mine's on an influenza vaccine which sounds pretty interesting :) After my lecture (another 30 minute-er :P) I went to the library to kill the time before my project meeting - I ended up being pretty productive and planned my placement module assessment. I then went off to my project meeting - I was pretty surprised to find out that my project had changed from being about the bacteria in Yakult to validating a technique to diagnose Coeliac disease. I can't say that I'm too disappointed Coeliac disease is definitely an interesting topic to research but I am a bit annoyed that both of my project will be a validation (my placement module has a validation project as part of its coursework) but then again it could be a blessing in disguise if both of my projects follow the same format - we shall see!

So that was my reflection on my first week of final year - this one was super long so I will try to cut it down next week!

aHm xoxo