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Dealing With Deadlines...

Hey everyone

So, every student has to deal with deadlines (I swear it sometimes feels like my life is being dictated by deadlines!) and seeing as I'm going into my third (and final) year of uni so I've had around 17 years of deadline-ridden education (wow that's a lot!) and haven't handed in any piece of homework/assessment/coursework late during that whole time (#geek) - therefore I think that I've got dealing with deadlines down to a science - so I thought I'd share how I deal with deadlines with y'all :)

Don't Procrastinate - even if you work better under pressure! - this is me - I'm a total procrastinator (I may or may not be procrastinating writing my final reflection by writing this - shhh!) and only really get down to doing my work when I'm right up to my deadline - I just work a lot better under pressure - though sadly this is not a great way to work for my poor stress levels - so I'm working to get better at not procrastinating - I'm talking, setting aside time to focus on my work, removing all distractions (phone and tv I'm looking at you!) and downloading a chrome extension 'Strict Workflow' (it's a bit like SelfControl) to help me stay off social media when I'm supposed to be working!

Plan Out Your Time - I'm a complete over-planner, I find that by allocating time for me to different pieces of work and chipping away at a big piece of work by working on it for a little while each day really helps me to get the work done in manageable chunks and helps me to dial down my stress levels!

Give Yourself Deadlines - I like to give myself mini-deadlines to help me get through big pieces of work, again it helps me to break the work down into manageable chunks and helps me to stay focused and on track! 

Figure Out When You Work Best - I'm talking about finding that time of the day when you can just knock out your work - for me that's the morning which saddens me because I love sleeping in :( but for you it could be the night time - there's no point trying to force yourself to be productive at times when you just aren't (unless you absolutely have to of course!) because you just wont work as well and will essentially be wasting your time!

Treat Yourself - I think that this is really important - whether it's rewarding yourself with five minutes of social media after studying for twenty minutes or treating yourself to that new handbag you've been eyeing when you finally submit that massive assignment that has been hanging over your head for most of the semester or giving yourself a manicure when you make one of your mini-deadlines - if you reward yourself in some way after some hard work then you're going to feel happier and more energised to work again :)

So that's how I deal with deadlines - I'd love to know how do you deal with deadlines? Lemme know in the comments!

aHm xoxo